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The Sea Crossing Thunder Boats, also known as the Lightning Shuttles, are some kind of special flying boat that is specifically designed to traverse the sea of thunderstorms. The sea of thunderstorms is filled with extremely fearsome bolts of lightning all year round, and massive waves of thunderstorms are often formed, making the ship comparable to the nine heavens of thunder. Regular flying boats would be torn to shreds by the fearsome power of thunderbolts as soon as they set foot inside.[?]

However, all of the materials used to construct the Sea Crossing Thunder Boats are made of extremely special lightning-resistant materials, and there's a layer of lightning membrane coating the exterior of the ship, which is a special membrane refined from the sap of the lightning tree. No amount of thunderstorms would be able to damage the ship, and it would be able to safely make it through the sea of thunderstorms.[?]


It was a huge ship that was completely dark purple in color and was hundreds of meters long and over a hundred meters tall. It broke through the waves and advanced quickly. The entire ship was made of 200,000-year-old Thunderwood. That kind of wood is the most resistant to thunderbolts. It gave off a metallic feeling and looked very sturdy.[?]

The hull of the ship was covered with runes that flickered with purple light. What was most peculiar was that the entire surface of the ship was covered with a layer of translucent membrane. The interior of the ship was filled with rooms that were independent of one another, making it look like a ship for passengers. There were windows leading to the outside of every room, and one could clearly see what was happening outside from the window.[?]

Even though the massive purple ship was flying as low as it could, it was still unable to avoid being struck by the lightning rumbling in the clouds. However, the seemingly powerful bolts of lightning were repelled as soon as they struck the membrane covering the ship. The membrane didn't even tremble for a bit and remained as stable as a mountain.[?]




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