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Sea Monkey Island (海猿岛Hǎi yuán dǎo) was a medium-sized island located in a quiet corner of the Inner Star Seas. It possesses a Spiritual Vein of mediocre quality and thin Spiritual Energy,[1] so it's quite inconspicuous.[2] Because of its mediocricity, no high-tier cultivators fought for ownership of the island, and instead only a few Qi Condensation cultivators resided here.[1]

However, the island was home to Sea Monkeys, who would nest here during the mating season. This made the island somewhat popular, since many cultivators would catch them to trade with merchants for a lot of Spirit Stones.[1]


After escaping the fall of the great formation at Stalwart Star Island,[3] Han Li chose to seclude himself on the island to break through to the Core Formation stage.[2]

As cultivators of proprietor Wang's ship were catching Sea Monkeys during the beasts' mating season, they noticed a huge storm gathering around one of the island's mountains, noting that all spiritual energy in the area including their own were being sucked toward it. Excited at the notion that somebody had entered their Gold Core Formation stage, the cultivators rushed over to beg to become the mysterious cultivator's disciple. That is when they heard Han Li's warning, saying that anyone who trespasses on his mountain will be put down.[1]

News about this mysterious cultivator who'd just entered his gold core formation stage but disliked being disturbed, rapidly spread across the southwestern side of the sea. Although they could not gain his favor, many thought cultivating on the island could be beneficial to them. As a result, the Sea Monkey Island became a popular place for cultivatiors to visit and build their residences. Unbeknownst to them, Han Li had long since left to check on his old residences on Minor Expanse Island.[1]

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