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Seven Mysteries Sect (七玄门Qīxuán mén) is a mortal sect that can be considered among the best sects within several hundred miles of Green Ox Village, according Third Uncle.[1] This is the first sect Han Li joins at the start of the novel. They have around 4000 disciples. After being pushed to the outskirts by rival sects,[2] they relocated to the Celestial Rainbow Mountain range, where they currently reside.[3]


Inner Disciple Examinations is a test to become Inner Disciples of the Seven Mysteries Sect. The sect formally issues invitations to participate every 5 years. The test would officially begin the following month. Outer Disciples can also invite a child between the ages of 7 and 12. Those who doesn't pass, can still become an outer disciple.[1]

Inner Disciples are able to practice martial arts for free, but they also receive a monthly allowance and have their needs taken care of.[1]

Outer Disciples are members of the sect's outer division, like Third Uncle. They have the opportunity to help the sect handle its external affairs.[1]

Only core disciples are sent to the Seven Supreme Division to train in the sect’s secret arts. Once he completes his training, at the very least, he will have the rank of a Protector.[4]


  • Outer Branch
    1. Flying Bird Division
    2. Treasure Gathering Division
    3. Four Seas Division
    4. External Blade Division
  • Inner Branch
    1. Hundred Forge Division
    2. Seven Supreme Division
    3. Consecrated Division
    4. Blood Blade Division
  • Council of Elders
  • Vice Sect Leaders
  • Sect Leader


Located on the Celestial Rainbow Mountain, which is a mountain range with 10 peaks. Each peak is under the control of the various divisions of the Seven Mysteries Sect.[3]

After the Seven Mysteries Sect rebuilt their roots in this area, they set up a total of thirteen checkpoints on the path up the mountain. Some of these checkpoints were hidden while others were out in the open. They were prepared for every single route that the Feral Wolf Gang might use to invade the mountain.[3]


200 years ago, the sect was established by an extremely famous martial master named “Sovereign of the Seven Supreme”, thus the sect was then known as the Seven Supreme Sect. Having once swept across and dominated the Jing Province and the nearby Shu Province for a few decades, the founder was resoundingly famous. But after he was afflicted with illness, the power of the Seven Mysteries Sect took a devastating hit and its influence dropped drastically. In the end, the Seven Mysteries Sect was forced out of the main city of the Jing Province by the combined efforts of its rival sects.[2]

Thus, 100 years ago, the sect was forced to relocate to an extremely remote area called the Celestial Rainbow Mountain. There they immediately gained control over a dozen towns and villages, and rebuilt their roots in that third-rate region, becoming a local powerhouse. As it had once been a major sect, it still possessed substantial potential: "A starved camel is still bigger than a horse" as the saying goes. With around 4000 disciples, it's one of the two undisputed supreme powers in the area, only rivaled by the Feral Wolf Gang.[2]

When Wang Lu became Sect Leader, with the help of three other Vice Sect Leaders, he split the sect into two segments: the Inner Branch and the Outer Branch. Each segment had four divisions. In addition to the Inner and Outer Branch, there was also a Council of Elders that reported to the Vice Sect Leaders and the Sect Leader.[5]

A few years before the story begins, Wang Lu fell for an enemy's trap while outside of the Celestial Rainbow Mountain and was heavily injured. As he wavered on the brink of death, he and his allies encountered Doctor Mo whose profound medical expertice saved Sect Leader Wang's life. When they later learnt that Doctor Mo was also a strong martial arts practicioner, Sect Leader Wang invited Doctor Mo to join the sect. The elders then carefully selected God Hand Valley to erect a residence, in order to make Doctor Mo's shift as comfortable as possible. This valley would soon become a venerated place within the sect thanks to Doctor Mo.[5]


Positive Yang Energy


"This carriage was painted a shiny black color and even the horse was a rarely seen golden steed. But what attracted the most attention was that on the frame of the carriage was the word “Mystery” written in silver characters in the middle of a red triangle emblazing a black banner. The image on the banner also emitted an unfathomable air. Seeing this banner, every martial arts expert in the area knew that this carriage belonged to one of the two local overlords in the area, the Seven Mysteries Sect. It seemed that an esteemed guest had arrived in Green Ox Village."[2]



  • Windstorm Saber Technique is one of the most commonly taught martial skills in the Seven Mysteries Sect. This is the sole technique used by Li Feiyu to rise through the ranks of the sect's annual competition.

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