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Seven Mysteries Sect is the first mortal sect Han Li joins at the start of the novel.

Seven Mysteries Sect[]


  • Outer Branch
    1. Flying Bird Division
    2. Treasure Gathering Division
    3. Four Seas Division
    4. External Blade Division
  • Inner Branch
    1. Hundred Forge Division
    2. Seven Supreme Division
    3. Consecrated Division
    4. Blood Blade Division
  • Council of Elders
  • Vice Sect Leaders
  • Sect Leader


Two hundred years ago, the sect was established by an extremely famous martial master named “Sovereign of the Seven Supreme”. Having once swept across and dominated the Jing Province and the nearby Shu Province for a few decades, the Sovereign of the Seven Supreme was resoundingly famous. But after he was afflicted with illness, the power of the Seven Mysteries Sect took a devastating hit and its influence dropped drastically. In the end, the Seven Mysteries Sect was forced out of the main city of the Jing Province by the combined efforts of its rival sects.

A hundred years ago, the sect was forced to relocate to an extremely remote area called the Celestial Rainbow Mountain. From then on, they rebuilt their roots in that third rate region and became a local powerhouse. Locally, the only other power that could rival the Seven Mysteries Sect was the Feral Wolf Gang.


According to Third Uncle, the Seven Mysteries Sect could be considered one of the best sects within several hundred miles.


If one were to become an Inner Disciple, not only would one be able to practice martial arts for free, one would also receive a monthly allowance and have his needs taken care of.

Not only that, those who didn’t pass the Inner Disciple Examinations could still enter the sect’s outer division and become an Outer Disciple. They would still have the opportunity to help the Seven Mysteries Sect handle its external affairs.

An Outer Disciple can bring a child between the ages of 7 and 12 to take the Inner Disciple Examinations. Once every 5 years, the Seven Mysteries Sect would formally issue invitations for youngsters to take the test to become Inner Disciples.

Only core disciples are sent to the Seven Supreme Division to train in the sect’s secret arts. Once he completes his training, at the very least, he will have the rank of a Protector.


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