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Shi Die was a Foundation Establishment cultivator residing on the Red Moon Island in the Inner Star Seas. She was a renowned formation spell master.[1][2][3]

First Meeting[]

Shi Die was invited by Jin Qing to raid a ruin of an Ancient Cultivator. Her assistance was solicited to break protection and illusion formations. When she arrived at the ruins, she met Early-Core Formation stage Han Li[1]. As a condition for her participation, she called "first dibs" on any treasures found. Despite being a formation expert, she needed to defer to Han Li who was recruited as a backup formation expert. She was amazed at his proficiency with formations. Together with Han Li, she removed the protection and illusion formations guarding the ruins.

The breaking of the formations alerted a Mid-Core Formation island lord of the Zenith Yin Island sect. After observing Han Li kill the island lord, the group continued to break the formations.

Raiding the Ruins[]

After raiding the ruins, Shi Die was assaulted by a Demon Serpent while attempting to acquire a rare treasure. The demon serpent left her face scarred. However, the situation progressively worsened as the Core Formation cultivators in the group barely defended against congealed Yang Birds.

Sensing that the danger far exceeded her ability, she attempted to flee. However, she was summarily killed by a secret attack by a Late-Core Formation ghost called The Bone Sage[4].


In the donghua, she is referred to as Shi Die Fairy (石蝶仙子).[3]


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