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Shi Jian is one of Han Li's disciples.


First Meeting[]

As Elder Song Yu of the Drifting Cloud Sect was searching for cultivators with inherently powerful spiritual sense for Han Li, after years she found Shi Jian. Being at Qi Condensation stage, boy was overjoyed that the number one cultivator in the Heavenly South Region was willing to take him as his disciple. As such, he immediately fell to his knees and kowtowed to Han Li, officially becoming his disciple. Han Li was glad fulfilling Monarch Soul Divergence's last wish of passing the Great Development Treasure Scriptures onto. Han Li was planning to send him to the Far West, once he reached Core Formation stage, so he could take over the Thousand Bamboo School and receive the inheritance left behind by the Monarch Soul Divergence.[1]

Grand Elder Han gave him the Great Development Technique to cultivate. In the meantime, Tian Qin'er was also helping him in general cultivation, while Han Li was away.[1] After few decades, he reached Core Formation stage.[2]

Monarch Soul Divergence's legacy[]

More than 4 decades later, Han Li made preparations and went into a long seclusion to make a breakthrough to Deity Transformation stage. Nangong Wan, Mu Peiling, Tian Qin'er and Shi Jian left the Drifting Cloud Sect too.[3] They travelled to the Scattered Star Seas and settled on a small remote island. Han Li went into the depths of Devilfall Valley, where he made the breakthrough after 300 years. In the meantime, Shi Jian, possessing exceeding aptitude, reached Nascent Soul stage.[4] Then Han Li explained to Shi Jian the matter about the inheritance of Monarch Soul Divergence's legacy, and the disciple went to the Far West by himself, to takeover the Thousand Bamboo School.[5]


About 100 years later, Shi Jian accompanied his Master in his last moments in the Mortal Realm. Once, Han Li and Ice Phoenix Feng entered the spatial node to the Spirit Realm, Shi Jian and Tian Qin'er only respectfully saluted.[6]


Realm Chapter
Qi Condensation 1203
Early Core Formation 1225
Early Nascent Soul 1257


When Han Li's fragment soul returns to the Human Realm he found out from Ling Yuling that Shi Jian perished in battle. Before he died, he managed to pass down the Great Development Scriptures to all his disciples, ensuring prosperity for many years to come

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