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Shi Yan was a Spirit General from the Artifact Spirit Tribe.

Divine Blood[]

After a member of the Artifact Spirit Tribe managed to steal a vial of Divine Blood and run away to humans, Spirits chased him to the Setting Sun Tomb.[1] Shi Yan was a part of a group led by Profound Spirit Xu Tian.

When they were looking for the Chaotic Valley at the tomb, they met Han Li, who appeared to be only a high-grade body refinement warrior. As Shi Yan wanted to possess him, Xu Tian was suprised by Han Li's power to resist. [2] Once Shi Yan entered Han Li's body and tried to devour his spiritual sense, dormant Great Yin Trueflame devoured him instead absorbing his soul and memories.[3] Xu Tian didn't notice that. Then they proceeded to the Chaotic Valley and Han Li, who pretended to be Shi Yan, followed orders to infiltrate humans.[2]

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