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The Silver-winged Nightfiend was a late Nascent Soul stage refined corpse cultivator. He was an ancient cultivator called Pill Scholar Kong Xuan.[1]

The Silver-winged Nightfiend together with Gui Ling, Lion Hawk and Treant Lord were imprisoned in the Spirit Prison Formation in rarely-known places in the Great Jin by Three Kunwu Masters. Their formations were designed to teleport them to the Kunwu Mountain to defend it on their behalf, when someone would try breaking the seal on it. Their Soul Binding Tiles were placed in Kunwu Hall.[2] [3] They also placed a berserker curse on them to seal their intelligence, but the Nightfiend got the Clear Void Pill and he didn't become bloodthirsty and violent.[3]


The Nightfiend was covered in faint golden scales. His silver wings glowed with azure and white light and his stark silver eyes had faintly golden irises.[4]

First Meeting[]

Fu Cheng, Chang Zhifang, Han Li, Bai Yaoyi and Sacred Poison Sect's cultivator Yuan entered the Yin Yang Cave to catch an Umbra Yin Horse.[5] As they were chasing it, they run into the Silver-winged Nightfiend. Cultivator Yuan was killed and had his body eaten by the Nightfiend. Fu Cheng and Bai Yaoyi were sealed in cocoons.[6] Chang Zhifang and Han Li clashed with trapped in the formation Nightfiend.[7] After his Evil Moon Mirror was destroyed by Han Li, the Nightfiend got angry and started fight seriously.[4] As Chang Zhifang tried to save others, the Nightfiend tore her body apart with claws and put her Nascent Soul into a cocoon.[4] When Han Li was attacking the Nightfiend with Triflame Fan, the formation was activated suddenly and teleported everyone present.[2]

Kunwu Mountain[]

At Kunwu Mountain, Nightfiend, free from trapping formation, immediately run away after eating Chang Zhifang's Nascent Soul.[8] He meet with Gui Ling and Lion Hawk.[9] The Vast Cliff Tortoise was thinking about staying on the mountain and go into slumber, but Nightfiend convinced them to band together to acquire their Soul Binding Tiles.[3] They followed human cultivators to Kunwu Hall.[10] As 3 demons were watching and old Devil Qian and other cultivators, Han Li sent an attack at the place, where Nightfiend, Lion Hawk and Gui Ling were hiding and escaped himself.[11] Soon enough, human cultivators and demons came to realization they didn't need to fight and banded together to break the restrictions in Kunwu Hall.[12] Inside it, the Nightfiend and Lion Hawk got their Soul Binding Tiles.[13]

Later, after signs of an appearance of a Divine Spirit Treasure, they headed towards the Devil Suppressing Pagoda. On the 8th floor, the Nightfiend and Lion Hawk were in a standoff with others, like Ye Clan Grand Elder, Grand Immortal Xu, Saintess Lin Yinping or Lady Mu and her junior sister, and facing grand formation of the Eight Spirit Ruler.[14] Then two-headed four-armed Bloodflame and Yuan Cha's soul fragment appeared.[1]

After Devil Sacred Ancestor's soul fragment passed the seal, everyone was teleported to 9th floor. There Long Meng, Corpse Xiong, Ye Clan Grand Elder, the Nightfiend and Lion Hawk fought against Devil Ancestor Yuan Cha's soul fragment in the two-headed wolf form. The Black Wind Flag clashed with the Eight Spirit Ruler. Lady Mu fought against her bewitched junior sister. Then Daoist Sevenwonders and Master Sable joined the fray.[15] Using Spatial Soul Crossing, Yuan Cha's soul fragment summoned her main soul, which destroyed Master Sable's Mountain Crushing Seal and Sevenwonders's Scarlet Cry Drum. Then Lion Hawk was obliterated.[16] And Nightfiend was burned in black flames.[17]

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