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Six-Winged Frost Centipedes are centipedes that were similar to the Gold Devouring Beetles in that they were also an insect species that existed during times of antiquity.


This centipede was quite unordinary. Its body glowed with a pitch-black light and had two snow-white wings on its back. As soon as they left the spirit beast pouch, they spouted out large breaths of frost, resulting in a fierce appearance.

Due to their partial lineage from frost-attribute dragons, their bodies became snow white upon full maturation, grew six wings, and could spew enough icy Qi to freeze anything within fifty kilometers.


During Han Li's time in the Spirit Realm when his powers we sealed after ascension, he left all his treasures and his pets deep underground in the desert he was transported to.[1] When he came back to get his treasures and spirit beasts, the Six-Winged Frost Centipedes had become one being.[2] Han Li was unsure if they had fused together or if one of the centipedes had devoured the others. As a result of whatever happened, the huge Six-Winged Frost Centipede gained intelligence and flew to Han Li with hostility, but Han Li threatened it with his his Immortal Vanquishing Bead. Due to the intelligence of the insect, it severed its connection to Han Li and flew away.[3]

It is later implied that the Six-Winged Frost Centipede appeared again as a human form in the Heavenly Horse Plains of the Spirit Realm; an expressionless white-robed young man with strange golden and silver patterns on his face which bore a strong resemblance to Han Li.[4] It reached the pinnacle of late Spatial Tempering Stage. Together with the true Endless Sky Beast, they were hunting down a group of cultivators, the strongest of which had a mid-Spatial Tempering Stage cultivation, for a treasure they possessed. This treasure, the Profound Yin Crystalline Wall, would help him manifest a true spirit body.

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