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The Small Green Bamboo Pavilion is a small shop that Han Li opened in a rural town. It superceded Li's Sundry Shop. Twenty years later, Han Li sold the business off[2] to Xiao Long.[3]


When he first started out, people made fun of his ugly products, but eventually realized their value as useful tools. The regulars valued the place for its many quality products for sale, affordable prices, and surprising usefulness. The shop eventually became its street's little shop of treasures.[2]

Han Li created this shop to spend time among mortals which helped him stabilize his Dao Heart and advance his Great Development Technique to the third layer. Han Li also learned a lot about Tool Refinement and the Dao of Formation Spells during the 20 years he lived as the shopkeeper. In the end he was able to create high grade talismans, top grade magic tools and basic formations flags all by himself.[?] During his time at the shop, he went by the alias Han Doe, a novice blacksmith. After twenty years of running, Han Li sold off the shop.[2]

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