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The Soaring Tribes are nomadic tribes, who constantly wage a war against the Moulan Tribes.[1] They have several tens of thousands of years of mutual hatred.[2]

The Soaring Tribes consisted of countless smaller tribes. Smaller tribes consisted of a hundred thousand men with the largest tribes reaching around a hundred million men.[3]

The tribes had to regularly present tribute to the Immortals in case they came across calamities or Demon Beasts. However, small tribes ogten were unable to call upon Immortals. Even the lowest grade Immortals were unwilling to watch over tribes as small as theirs. After all, it was better for an Immortal to join more prosperous tribes, granting them more resources to further their cultivation.[3]

The Endless Sky Temples were originally established to honor their patron god, but after many years of development, they have become holy lands to the people of the Soaring Tribes, where low grade Immortals were fostered. Every temple was managed by several high grade Immortals, responsible for imparting basic methods of cultivation. Once that was done, the lower aptitude cultivators were sent back to their tribes to receive their support there. As for the high aptitude cultivators, they were accepted as disciples by the high grade immortals and were personally nurtured. But before one could receive personal instruction from high grade Immortals, they must go through the Spirit Release Rites. There were only about seventy Endless Sky Temples spread throughout the plains, but each of them were the heart of the regions they were located.[3]

The Soaring Tribes had 4 Grand Immortals. They are at late Nascent Soul stage


They are also situated in the Moulan Plains, which they call the “Endless Sky Plains”. This was due to their long-held beliefs in their patron God, the “Endless Sky Beast”. Desolate plains board Great Jin and Heavenly South Region.[1]


Soaring Tribes often warred with Moulan Tribes.[1]

After suffering decisive defeats by the Soaring Tribes' Immortals, Moulan tribes were loosing more and more territory in the plains. This forced them to invade the Heavenly South Continent and start another war with Nine Nations Union.[4] While the Moulan fought forces from the Heavenly South, they have attacked. The Moulan strongest tribe, the Golden Sun Tribe was quickly destroyed.[2] When the Soaring Tribes heard about the Heavenly South cultivators and the Moulan joining hands, they didn't launch an attack and merely observed.[5]

Originally, the Soaring Tribes occupied the southern portion of the Endless Sky Plains, but ever since this victory in the war against the Moulan, they occupied the entirety of the plains, and their strength massively surged.[3]

When one mi Nascent Soul stage cultivator lost his body and got injured after fighting Han Li, the party led by Grand Immortal Hu was sent after him. Despite fighting against the odds, Han Li killed 3 Nascent Soul cultivators and managed to escape from the Grand Immortal gaining infamy.[6] [7] [8] Few years later, Han Li evaded pursuit and even managed to steal Holy Cauldron from Saintess Lin Yinping and capture Endless Sky Beast's incarnation causing them a lot of worry.[9]

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