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The sixth and final stage of cultivation before attempting to truly become a Immortal. The Nascent Soul has reached a point of no return in terms of power, and is only a small part away from becoming a immortal soul, however, the power of the void or space has not been infused, and many pieces of one's mortal shackles are still in place. In this stage, only a piece of emotion should be kept, and the Nascent Soul shall eventually become a immortal soul. There is a high chance of death if attempting to enter this stage. Can be seen as the pinnacle figures of the Spirit Realm.

  • Possessing a five-elemental spiritual root is a prerequisite required to reach this Stage.

Cultivators enter the Spatial Tempering stage when their Nascent Soul combines purified Spiritual Energy of the five basic elements together. Upon entering this stage, a cultivator can harness the Worldly Essence to bolster their lifespan. As a result their lifespan is limitless in worlds and realms that have dense essence. However, a large amount of Worldly Essence is required to sustain a cultivator at this stage. As a result, worlds in the Lower Realms are unable to nurture and sustain a Spatial Tempering Cultivator.

In practice most cultivators at this stage don't live beyond several tens of thousands of years. This is due to grand tribulations that occur every 3000 years. Each tribulation is stronger than the last even if a cultivator does not progress in their cultivation. As a result, cultivators unable to continuously progress through the stages of cultivation are eventually killed by their own tribulations. Many Spatial Tempering cultivators die from their first tribulation.

Stage Description
Early Initial stage upon reaching Spatial Tempering. Typically, cultivators can effortlessly dispatch Late Deity Transformation cultivators who originate from the same Realm. However, not all cultivators at the Early Spatial Tempering stage have strong foundations. Some Deity Transformation cultivators with strong foundations or who have ascended from Lower Realms are able fight on equal footing. This stage is also known as a 7th Tier Upper Race Being on the Thunder Continent in the Spirit Realm.
Middle Achieved when five-attributed Spiritual Energy is further collected and condensed. Cultivators at this stage can typically dispatch Early-stage Spatial Tempering cultivators with ease. This stage is also known as a 8th Tier Upper Race Being on the Thunder Continent in the Spirit Realm.
Late Achieved when dense amounts of five-attributed Spiritual Energy is purified and strengthens both body and soul.Cultivators at this stage can dispatch Middle stage Spatial Tempering cultivators with ease. This stage is also known as a 9th Tier Upper Race Being on the Thunder Continent in the Spirit Realm.


Entering the Spatial Tempering stage requires a body possessing all 5-attributed Spiritual Roots. As a result, many prodigies with Heavenly or True spiritual roots are stuck at the Deity Transformation stage. With great effort a cultivator can artificially create spiritual roots through the integration of treasure or Demon Cores. Cultivation with all 5-attributes requires a cultivator to absorb Spiritual Energy containing all 5 elements. As a result cultivation is painstakingly slow and requires tremendous support from cultivation resources and Spiritual Medicines. It is incredibly difficult to nurture a Spatial Tempering cultivator.

In a drastic bit of irony, the False Spiritual Roots considered trash by cultivators in the Lower Realms are actually the key to breaking through to higher stages of cultivation.

Useful Resources[]

Cultivation materials beneficial for cultivators at this stage are potent and more concentrated in Spiritual Energy. Useful materials also contain properties that utilize World Origin Energy.

Resource Chapter Description
Heavenshifting Pill 1421 A pill concocted from Azure Shifting Fruits. Consuming the pill can assist a Late-Spatial Tempering stage cultivator break through cultivation bottlenecks. The pill is usually consumed alongside other pulls to enhance their medicinal effects.
Rising Dragon Pill 1364 A pill containing potent Spiritual and Worldly Energies. The pill is concocted using Zoysia Dragon Fruits which ripen every 30,000 years.
Zoysia Dragon Fruit 1364 A small fruit which ripens every 30,000 years. Consuming the fruit alone can save 60 years of cultivation at the Spatial Tempering stage. Its properties are enhanced when refined into Rising Dragon Pills.