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Spirit Controlling Sect was one of Six Devil Dao Sects. They were renowned in the entire Heavenly South Continent for its beast and insect use.[1]

They inhabited the Grand Spirit Mountains in the west of Tian Luo, which were home to countless spirit beasts and exotic insects.[2]

War against the 7 Sects of Yue[]

When Six Devil Dao Sects invaded the State of Yue, the Spirit Beast Mountain betrayed the other sects of that state. As they originated from Spirit Controlling Sect, the Spirit Beast Mountain returned to them. Subsequently, the Six Devil Dao Sects had great victory.[3]

Wood Spirit Nascent[]

Spirit Controlling Sect pursued the secret art of the Five Element Spirit Nascents. They wanted to contend with the Harmonious Bond Sect for the chief position in the Six Devil Dao Sects. As they sent a party to bring the Wood Spirit Nascent to cleanse its body in Gold Scarce Valley in the State of Yuanwu, it have devoured the Nascent Soul of one of their sect's Nascent Soul cultivators.[4] When it got captured by someone, the sect sent Han Yunzhi and Liu Yu to track the Wood Spirit Nascent down.[2]

Moulan invasion[]

After about 100 years, Moulan tribes launched an invasion.[5] The final battle involved hundreds of thousands of cultivators. Long Han served as the commander of the Heavenly South Army and Divine Sage Zhu commanded the army of spell warrior.[6] Spirit Controlling Sect used their 3 sect protecting beasts.[7] Before the culmination, Moulan received news about the attack of Soaring Tribes. Both sides stopped fighting and later agreed to unite against the common enemy.[8]

Devillfall Valley[]

After the Ghost Spirit Sect had acquired a method to enter Devilfall Valley, Grand Elder Dongmen Tu travelled there personally with 5 Nascent Soul cultivators, who were Elemental Spirit Nascents.[9]

Years later, Ghost Spirit Sect wasn't as powerful as it once was, after loss of Nascent Soul cultivators and a large number of Core Formation cultivators.[10] The Spirit Controlling Sect, Devilflame Sect, and the newly-arisen Blood Slaughter Sect have joined forces to bring them down.[11] The Spirit Controlling Sect took the control over State of Yue.[12]

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