A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality Wiki

The Spirit Devouring Orchid feeds on the flesh and blood of living beings with its unique scent. It contains the power of lifeblood and can be used to refine body-tempering pills. The effects are remarkable. However, the flower contains a strange type of corpse toxin that requires a secret technique to get rid of the toxin before it can be used as a medicine. The consumption of such a technique is quite significant, and it's not easy.


There was a huge purple flower growing on the wall at the very bottom of the valley. It was about the size of a millstone and its thick petals were purplish-red in color, making it look extremely gorgeous. There were also some crimson tentacle-like objects among the petals, with translucent beads of water about the size of a fist at the very top.

It had a spiritual glow to it exuding a rich, sweet scent. Furthermore, the aura it exuded was very similar to that of his Blood Crystal Lotus.