Spirit Realm is a world in the Middle Realm.

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They are constantly 7 celestial bodies hanging in the sky. During the night, all the suns convert themselves into moons. When daytime arrives, all the moons transform themselves into scorching suns one by one. Days and nights are extremely long; roughly three times the length of the days and the nights in the Han Li's Mortal World. During the day temperatures were unbearably hot and freezing cold during the night.[1]

Beyond the three human regions and the seven demon territories, there was the Primordial World inhabited by other races.[2]

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

There exists Three Human Sovereigns, Heavenly Origin Sage, North Sky Hegemon, Emperor Heavenwonder, and Seven Demon Kings, like Ao Xiao. Each of them rules his own region. The demon clan and the human clans had a half friendly half hostile relationship. Demons as a whole were more powerful than the human clans, but the humans seemed to possess more powerful cultivators. As a result, the two clans formed an odd equilibrium and the Three Sovereigns and Seven Kings agreed to a defensive pact as well as several other treaties.

The land outside their domains is ruled by the clans of other creatures. Most of these creatures were indigenous to the Spirit Realm. There were also countless types ranging from savage ancient beasts to giants and even pseudo humans. In addition, there were also other creatures that arrived at the spirit realm by ripping open spatial tears. Although there aren’t many of these clans, they were a powerful force that was hostile towards humans and demons alike.[3]

In the Spirit Realm, the mortals are an extremely important force in the human race. Even those, who possess no spiritual roots, can learn some Buddhist cultivation arts, like the Vajra Arts, to refine their own bodies. With that they can battle cultivators and demon beasts. However, in the Spirit Realm, the postnatal acquirement of spiritual roots is possible. One of the three human sovereigns, the Heavenly Origin Sage was once an extremely prominent and renowned mortal. Only after encountering a miraculous opportunity was he able to attain a spiritual root and become a cultivator. The mortals in the Spirit Realm are only able to achieve all of this due to the fact that the spiritual Qi density in the Spirit Realm is far superior to that of Lower Realms.[4]

Items[edit | edit source]

Divine Spirit Treasures are common in the Spirit Realm. The Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll lists top 100 Divine Spirit Treasures.[5] Mortals of this realm use spirit tools, which are similar to magical treasures from the Lower Realm. However, they have spirit stones embedded into them, allowing even mortals of the Spirit Realm to use them.[3]

Connection with other Realms[edit | edit source]

Humans and Demon Beasts from the worlds in the Lower Realm can ascend to the Spirit Realm, after reaching the Deity Transformation stage.[6]

There exist reverse spirit streams and spatial nodes between the Spirit Realm and Mortal Worlds in Lower Realm. The former could only be opened by contacting someone in the Spirit Realm willing to open them.[7] Passing through spatial nodes is dangerous, because of the spatial storms that would arise from their instability.[8]

Normally, cultivators that ascend appear at the Spirit Flight Tower in the Deep Heaven City. Sometimes there are cultivators that encounter mishaps during their ascension, like spatial strom, and land in other areas. For those, who don't take Earth Cleansing Pills every year for 300 years to cleanse their bodies of the aura of the Lower Realm they came from, two-colored tribulation lightning appears, which is more powerful than a minor tribulation. Next tribulation comes in just 100 years.[9] [10] Five generations of descendants of an ascended cultivator from the Lower Realm have the same otherworldly aura and are forced to take Earth Cleansing Pills to cleanse themselves.[11]

Sending an avatar from Spirit Realm to Mortal Realm is very difficult. One needs a proper cultivation base, known special techniques about avatars and a rare Realm Transcending Stone is required to defy the boundary between realms. It's easier to directly teleport magic powers and attacks through the barrier between realms.[5]

The boundary between Mortal Realm and the Spirit Realm is much weaker compared to boundary to the True Immortal Realm. It happens though that immortal items fall into the Spirit Realm.[12]

Background[edit | edit source]

Ever since the inception of historical records in the Spirit Realm, there have almost been no immortals who have descended into the Spirit Realm. But in the extremely distant past, the remains of an immortal had appeared in the Spirit Realm. The Golden Jade Tome was an item that was found with those remains.[12]

In the past, many extraordinary individuals emerged from the human and demon clans, joining together to erect an exceedingly large spell formation, covering the territories of the humans and the demons. It was powerful and was passed down from the Immortal Realm. It's purpose was to target extremely powerful members of the foreign creatures. The more powerful they were, the more they were restricted by the formation, rendering them unable to enter the areas affected by the spell formation.[3]

Once, Mortal Realm was invaded by Elder Devils from the Elder Devil Realm. The ancient cultivators of the Mortal Realm contacted the Spirit Realm for assistance.[7] Individuals, like Ling Long, descended to the Mortal Realm and helped them defeat the evil forces.[13]

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