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Energy Stones Edit

Energy Stones[]


Over time different types of energy will natural concentrate within naturally occurring objects such as stones and diamonds. These objects are valuable within the cultivation world because the energy contained within these objects can be:

  • Absorbed by cultivators to further their cultivation.
  • Absorbed by cultivators to replenish energy expended in battle or use of techniques.
  • Used as catalysts for magical treasures.

As a result of their usefulness in cultivation, these energy stones are used as a universal form of currency within the cultivation world. Stones with higher the concentration of energy are more valuable.

Stone Grade Description
Devil Essence Diamonds A diamond formed from extremely dense Devilish Energy. It can be used to refine extremely formidable treasures of the Devil Dao. The Devilish Energy within the diamond provides cultivators on the Devil Dao with immense benefits as they do not have to spend effort tainting Spiritual Energy.
Spirit Stones Low A stone that has absorbed Spiritual Energy with a particular attribute. The stone takes on the attribute of the Spiritual Energy contained within it.
Mid A stone that has roughly 100 times more Spiritual Energy than a low-grade Spirit Stone.
High A stone that has roughly 100 times more Spiritual Energy than a mid-grade Spirit Stone. However, in the Mortal World, a high-grade spirit stone was worth 1000 mid-grade spirit stones because high-grade stones were often consumed by techniques, treasures or formations. As a result of over-consumption, a high-grade spirit stone is worth many-more times the concentration of Spiritual Energy it contains.
Top A stone that carries a significant amount of Spiritual Energy useful for even Deity Transformation cultivators