A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality Wiki

Spiritual Roots allow a mortal to absorb Spiritual Qi and to become an Immortal cultivator.


Spiritual roots can be categorised into five categories: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

  • Spiritual roots with a mixture of four or five attributes are known as “False Spiritual Roots”.
  • Spiritual roots of two to three attributes are known as “True Spiritual Roots”.
    • Those with true spiritual roots will cultivate many times faster when compared to those with false spiritual roots.
  • Spiritual roots with only one attribute are known as “Heavenly Spiritual Roots”.
    • Regardless of which of the five attributes the spiritual root belonged to, the cultivation rate would be faster by two to three times when compared to those with true spiritual roots. And upon reaching the peak of Foundation Establishment, they would not encounter any bottlenecks when attempting to break through to Core Formation.
    • Chance of this spiritual root appearing is close to nil, only once in several hundred years.
  • Spiritual roots that don't belong to any of the five attributes are known as “Mutated Spiritual Roots”.
    • For individuals who possess mutated spiritual roots, although they will still meet a bottleneck when attempting to step into Core Formation, their cultivation speed is roughly equal to those with heavenly spiritual roots. Furthermore, if those with mutated spiritual roots are able to find a cultivation art that matches their attribute, they will undoubtedly be the strongest among their generation, capable of fighting against three to four cultivators at the same cultivation level.
    • Mutated spiritual roots referred to spiritual roots that evolved through the combination of any two or three of the five attributes.Example, a spiritual root of both earth and water attributes undergo a mutation and evolve into that of the lightning attribute; Metal and water attribute mutated and evolved into the ice attribute. Not only that, there are also darkness attribute roots and wind attribute roots, as well as countless other variations.
    • Rate of its appearance is about once every 20 to 30 years.