A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality Wiki

Spiritual Roots allow a mortal to absorb Spiritual Qi and to become an Immortal cultivator. many cultivators investigated and realized that spiritual roots were usually passed on through bloodline.

For example, if a man or a woman possessed spiritual roots, the children they birthed would have a 25 percent chance of being born with spiritual roots. And naturally, if both the mother and the father were possessors of spiritual roots, the children they birthed who have a higher probability of inheriting spiritual roots.


Spiritual roots can be categorized into five categories: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

  • Spiritual roots with a mixture of four or five attributes are known as “False Spiritual Roots”.
  • Spiritual roots of two to three attributes are known as “True Spiritual Roots”.
    • Those with true spiritual roots will cultivate many times faster when compared to those with false spiritual roots.
  • Spiritual roots with only one attribute are known as “Heavenly Spiritual Roots”.
    • Regardless of which of the five attributes the spiritual root belonged to, the cultivation rate would be faster by two to three times when compared to those with true spiritual roots. And upon reaching the peak of Foundation Establishment, they would not encounter any bottlenecks when attempting to break through to Core Formation.
    • Chance of this spiritual root appearing is close to nil, only once in several hundred years.
  • Spiritual roots that don't belong to any of the five attributes are known as “Mutated Spiritual Roots”.
    • For individuals who possess mutated spiritual roots, although they will still meet a bottleneck when attempting to step into Core Formation, their cultivation speed is roughly equal to those with heavenly spiritual roots. Furthermore, if those with mutated spiritual roots are able to find a cultivation art that matches their attribute, they will undoubtedly be the strongest among their generation, capable of fighting against three to four cultivators at the same cultivation level.
    • Mutated spiritual roots referred to spiritual roots that evolved through the combination of any two or three of the five attributes. Example, a spiritual root of both earth and water attributes undergo a mutation and evolve into that of the lightning attribute; Metal and water attribute mutated and evolved into the ice attribute. Not only that, there are also darkness attribute roots and wind attribute roots, as well as countless other variations.
    • Rate of its appearance is about once every 20 to 30 years.

Considered as Irrelevant but still exists[]

Super Spiritual Roots: There are two kinds of such Spirit Roots. Sun and Moon Attributes. Sun Spirit Roots is considered as Good Spirit Body, Moon Spirit Roots is considered as Evil Spirit Body. Their Cultivation speed is hundreds of times faster than Mutated Spirit Roots and this person regardless of Sun or Moon attributes are born to know the basics cultivate immortality and their body is constantly cultivating the moment they are born or when their bodies are sufficiently complete while in their mothers' womb.

Dragon Spirit Roots: Exclusive to Dragons and those strongly related to Dragons. When they cultivate a single attribute, their other attributes will increase as well. Dragon Spirit Roots does not need to create Artificial Spirit Roots to ascend to Deity Transformation and hence will be slightly stronger. They have a trait of being extremely hard to kill.

Chaos Spirit Roots: Also known as All Attributes Spirit Roots. Their Cultivation rates are higher than Super Spirit Roots and when they cultivate a single attribute, every other attributes will increase at the same rate. Tribulations' Lightning will take 'extra care' of these guys by packing a lot more wallop with every strike. People with their attribute will also be more lucky and run into more treasures in their lifetimes.

Fusion Spirit Roots: The Crafter's spirit roots. Capable of absorbing and fusing any attributes with the right techniques. Even when other people are breaking through and causing large amount of spirit energies to gather, if this person is nearby, they might end up siphoning a portion of the powers unknowing. Their greatest strength however, is in crafting. Cultivators with such Spirit Roots can fuse attributes or even magical materials in ways that is impossible regardless of skills and technology. This applies to type of crafting. Creating Pills, Magic weapons, armor, Magic Arrays, Puppets, Golems, etc... whenever Fusion Spiritual Roots appears, they become an object of fiercest contest, not just because they are perfect Magic Items disposal, their flesh, blood and bones are perfect for creating Cultivation Boosting Elixirs! As a result, people with such Spirit Roots almost never survive or have good fate when discovered

Types of Energy[]

Type Description
Baleful Energy An energy slowly acquired by killing others. Killing cultivators with an equal or higher rank will result in the accumulation of dense Baleful energy. Baleful energy weakens the effect of illusionary and bewitchment techniques. Unfortunately, Baleful energy is violent in nature and accumulating it without using it with a suitable Cultivation Art will negatively alter the mind and soul.
Baleful Corpse Energy A variant of Baleful Energy and Corpse Energy produced using the corpses of cultivators of at minimum the Core Formation stage. This variant of energy is everlasting and capable of absorbing and corrupting elemental Spiritual Energy to further grow itself.
Corpse Energy An energy produced by the corpses of living beings alike.
Devilish Energy Also known as Devilish Qi. A derivative of Yin Energy. A malicious energy that is omnipresent within the Elder Devil Realm. Devilish energy can be cultivated by tainting spiritual energy with strong desire or negative feelings and emotions.
Ghostly Energy Also known as Ghostly Qi. A derivative of Yin Energy. A malicious energy that is generated by ghosts and spirits that haven't entered Samsara. Strengthened by grievous, resentful, or malicious emotions.
Glacial Energy Also known as Glacial Qi. Energy produced by coldness. It has the ability to freeze other forms of energy of weaker concentration.
Spiritual Energy An omnipresent energy generated by nature and tranquil environments. The longer an environment is undisturbed, the stronger the concentration and purity of Spiritual Energy.
Spirit Extinguishing Energy Also known as Spirit Extinguishing Qi. It is omnipresent within the Umbra Realm. It nullifies Spiritual Energy of the same purity. More Spirit Extinguishing Energy is required to cancel highly pure Spiritual Energy.
Transient Spiritual Energy A variation of Spiritual Energy that is exceedingly pure.
Umbra Energy Also known as Umbra Qi. It is omnipresent within the Umbra Realm. It is a variant of Yin Energy.
Yin Energy Also known as Yin Qi. A cold energy, dark, black energy that is the polar opposite to Yang Energy. It is omnipresent in balance with Yang. While cold and dark, it is not necessarily evil. However, energies used in and produced by devilish Cultivation Arts are derivatives of Yin Energy.
World Origin Energy An omnipresent energy generated by the world itself that is magnitudes stronger and purer than Spiritual Energy.