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Master Splintered Soul was a Nascent Soul eccentric from Ghost Spirit Sect.[1]

Death of Disciples[]

Master Splintered Soul resided in the sect headquartes in the State of Yue. After some cultivator killed his disciple Yu Hun, Master Splintered Soul learnt of this from Yu Hun's life medallion. He sent his 3 Core Formation disciples to find the perpetrator.[2] Later, when that 3 disciples got killed, he left seclusion to pursue the matter, but learnt nothing beside it was some Nascent Soul cultivator that had already left the State of Yue.[3]

Moulan invasion[]

Splintered Soul participated in a meeting with the three great cultivators of Heavenly South, alongside other mid Nascent Soul stage cultivators like Dongmen Tu, Devil Cloudpart or Long Han.[4] Wei Wuya enticed him to participate in wagered battles.[5]

As Splintered Soul and 9 other participants of wagered battles faced 10 black-robed Devil Dao cultivators, they were trapped by the Bloodcatching Barrier.[6] The battle between 2 armies started.[7] Not long later, Splintered Soul was released by Han Li, and was grateful to him. He immediately fought 2 Moulan Sages chasing Han Li, when the latter went to release others.[8]

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