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Stalwart Star Island (魁星岛Kuíxīng dǎo) or Prime Star Island (Donghua) is one of the 24 outer islands in the Inner Star Seas. It is also the base of Gu, and the first island that Han Li visited.[1]


On this island, there exist several different peaks for cultivation:

Azurecloud Mountains:

Other points of interest:

Mortal Clans and Commerce[]

The long distance trading between the great islands is reserved to only ten mortal clans on the island that are able to participate in this extremely lucrative business. In addition, these ten clans are not fixed and unchanging. They are decided in a magic battle that is held every three years. If a clan wishes to step into this business, they must request an Immortal to undergo this competition. Only with their Immortal’s victory in the challenge would they be able to acquire the permit to conduct trade between the great islands.


Foreign Immortals at Stalwart Star Island can be divided into two types. One type is there for a temporary stay. They are unable to hold office and generally live there for a few years, leaving or staying depending on their own preference.

The other type have guarantors from the great nearby clans and are able to stay as long as they wish. Not only do they have to pay less spirit stones to stay on the island and have the ability to follow the formalities to obtain a permanent residence, but they also have the qualifications to hold office and have the right to participate in the decennial Great Spirit Land Contest. Depending on one’s performance in the contest, they are given land with a corresponding density of Spiritual Qi.

Notable members[]


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