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As of today, the superpower named the “Star Palace” reigned over entire Scattered Star Seas. This superpower had existed for so long that even ancient records didn’t mention when it had first formed. While the origins of its creation are uncertain, some believe that it was established by ancient elders that eliminated the demon beasts. Others said that an ancient hero united the Scattered Star Seas at the time, while other rumors are endless and equally contested.[1]

The Star Palace is a super-power that reigns over the Scattered Star Seas. It has reigned as the supreme power ever since it's ancient elders had begun creation of the Inner Star Seas through the elimination of Demon Beasts.


The Star Palace had established their transcendent Heavenly Star City on a huge island at the center of the Scattered Star Seas. It’s two city lords, the Heavenly Star Sages, rule the entire sect from their city.[1]

The Star Palace has the strength to enforce order and dictate the structure of power and governance in both the across the Scattered Star Seas. All powers are officially and publicly subservient to the Star Palace. However, behind the scenes some powers are secretly forming a coalition to break the grip of power that the Star Palace holds.

In Heavenly Star City, the Star Palace had set up a transportation formation in the city that led directly to the Outer Star Seas. These formations teleported cultivators to Demon Beast Islands, saving a lot of time and allowing hunting demon beasts.[1]

The Heavenvoid Hall is operated by the Star Palace. Their members, Heavenly Star Sages usually, preside over treasure hunts. They make Righteous and Devil Dao cultivators die inside it to keep both sides in check.[2]


The star palace boasts the greatest amount of power having the greatest number of Late-Stage Nascent Soul ancestors close that are in secluded cultivation. The most renown ancestors of the Star Palace are the Heavenly Star Sages at the late Nascent Soul stage. The reputation of the Heavenly Star Sages are enough to incite concern amongst other Nascent Soul cultivators.[1]

"Although Grandmaster Zenith Yin was an old Nascent Soul devil, his expression slightly changed upon hearing the Star Palace and the Heavenly Star Sages being mentioned."

In addition to its members, the Star Palace exerts control over the Scattered Star Seas through control of access to the highly-coveted ancient treasures within the Heavenvoid Hall, and a vast ring of Teleportation Formations that grant quick access to the Outer Star Seas where cultivators hunt High-grade Demon Beasts to obtain riches.


The island is protected by several power Formation Fortification Spells that cannot be easily penetrated by even Nascent Soul cultivators. The fortifications work to keep enemies out, but also keep the residents within. When war broke out between the Starfall Coalition, a secretly formed power to rival the Star Palace, residents were unable to flee being conscripted into the war due to the Formation Barrier.


In the past, appeared a cultivator, named "Vagrant of the Heavenly Mirrors". With the Golden Mirrors of Eight Gates that lone cultivator had been able to withstand the entirety of the Star Palaces' forces. This magic treasure that had eliminated an entire generation of Star Palace Masters. He had shaken the Scattered Star Seas for several hundred years.[3]


Starfall Coalition[]

Since 2 Sages were still in seclusion, when the Heavenvoid Hall opened this time, 2 Elders supervised this treasure hunt in their place.[2] As 2 Sages have reached a crucial point in their seclusion and couldn't be contacted, members of Star Palace were restless. With the Righteous and Devil Dao starting to stir, Elders of Star Palace acted to cripple the strength of the two sides in the Heavenvoid Halls by manipulating restrictions and formations inside.[4]

Later, the Righteous and Devil Dao announced the formaion of the Starfall Coalition to oppose the Star Palace's hegemony in the Scattered Star Seas and end their reign. Many sects belonging to the Righteous and Devilish Dao joined under their banner. They planned an attack on Heavenly Star City.[5]

Top-Grade Spirit Stone[]

Over almost 200 years, the Starfall Coalition won over 20 islands in the Inner Star Seas. However, the Star Palace has won most of the battles between the two powers. When even Archsaint Six Paths joined forces with Wan Sangu and attacked the Heavenly Star Island, they were defeated and driven away. After cultivating the Divine Essencefused Light, the Heavenly Star Sages were undefeated as long as they didn't stray far from the Heavenly Star Island, where Divine Essencefused Mountain was located.[6]

At some point an island emerged. Both forces desired it due to the fact that a high-grade mine was discovered there. They had to share this Green Spirit Island though.[7]

After demon beasts from the Outer Star Seas learnt about a top-grade spirit stone, they invaded the Green Spirit Island.[8] They attacked both forces of Starfall Coalition and the Star Palace. Even Golden Wyrm King participated.[9] The top-grade spirit stone of the Starfall Coalition was eventually snatched by Han Li.[10] Then the demon beast took over all islands in the Outer Star Seas driving away humans.[11]

Dominating the Scattered Star Seas[]

With about 100 years of lifespan left, Ling Xiaofeng and Wen Qing stopped their efforts with cultivating the Divine Essencefused Light and decided to focus on helping Ling Yuling with her cultivation and make her ready to take over the Star Palace.[12] After hearing about Han Li, they planned marrying him to their daughter, but to no avail.[13] They only managed to secure his assistance in the future conflict.[14]

Few decades later, the Heavenly Star Sages invaded the main base of the Starfall Coalition, using the might of their Divine Essencefused Light. The Archsaint Six Paths and Wan Sangu faced them, but Ling Xiaofeng and Wen Qing sacrificed themselves by detonating all of the accumulated Divine Essencefused Light razing the entire main base of the Starfall Coalition. The Archsaint Six Paths and Wan Sangu along several Nascent Soul Elders and a high number of Core Formation cultivators were obliterated in an instant.[11]

Next, Ling Yuling at the head of the Star Palace forced the Starfall Coalition into a steady decline. But then Wan Tianming, the Sect Master of the Myriad Gates of Enlightenment, progressed to the late-Nascent Soul Stage amid the crisis. He united the entire coalition and led it recovering all of their lost territories in the following few decades. The Star Palace was no match for Wan Tianming's aggressive assaults, several their Elders were killed and it had been plunged into very perilous situation.[11] Eventually, even the Heavenly Star City was surrounded with the Heavenly Windfire Formation.[15]

According to the deal, Han Li arrived to their help after Ling Yuling' call.[16] Few days later, the Star Palace launched a full-force attack.[17] After Han Li killed Wan Tianming, who was actually Archsaint Six Paths, he destroyed the core of the Heavenly Windfire Formation. Many of the Starfall Coalition cultivators only fled the battlefield.

In the next few months, the Star Palace had become the ruler of the Scattered Star Seas again. Ling Yuling gave an immunity to the low-grade Starfall Coalition cultivators, but hunted down very few remaining Nascent Soul stage Elders. The Starfall Coalition crumbled from the inside.[18]

As Han Li was given an access to the Divine Essencefused Mountain to cultivate the Divine Essencefused Light art, the Star Palace announced to everyone, that he became their Guest Elder. Han Li didn't stay there though, and the Star Palace was only using his name to intimidate other powers.[19]

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