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Starfall Coalition was an organization of Devil Dao and Righteous Dao cultivators united against the Star Palace. The Righteous Dao elder Wan Sangu and the Devil Dao Archsaint Six Paths were two leaders of Starfall Coalition.[1]


The Founding[]

After Heavenly Star Sages were on the verge of breaking through to the great success stage of Divine Essencefused Light, the Righteous and Devil Dao suddenly formed the Starfall Coalition to oppose the Star Palace's hegemony in the Scattered Star Seas and end their reign. Many sects belonging to the Righteous and Devilish Dao joined under their banner.[1]

Top-Grade Spirit Stone[]

Over almost 200 years, the Starfall Coalition won over 20 islands in the Inner Star Seas. However, the Star Palace has won most of the battles between the two powers. When even Archsaint Six Paths joined forces with Wan Sangu and attacked the Heavenly Star Island, they were defeated and driven away. After cultivating the Divine Essencefused Light, the Heavenly Star Sages were undefeated as long as they didn't stray far from the Heavenly Star Island, where Divine Essencefused Mountain was located.[2]

At some point an island emerged. Both forces desired it due to the fact that a high-grade mine was discovered there. They had to share this Green Spirit Island though.[3]

After demon beasts from the Outer Star Seas learnt about a top-grade spirit stone, they invaded the Green Spirit Island.[4] They attacked both forces of Starfall Coalition and the Star Palace. Even Golden Wyrm King led them.[5] Six Nascent Soul human cultivators were kiled and the Green Spirit Island was taken by sea creatures. The top-grade spirit stone was eventually snatched by Han Li.[6] Then the demon beast took over all islands in the Outer Star Seas driving away humans.[7]

Dominating the Scattered Star Seas[]

Few decades later, the Heavenly Star Sages invaded the main base of the Starfall Coalition, using the might of their Divine Essencefused Light. The Archsaint Six Paths and Wan Sangu faced them, but Ling Xiaofeng and Wen Qing sacrificed themselves by detonating all of the accumulated Divine Essencefused Light razing the entire main base of the Starfall Coalition. The Archsaint Six Paths and Wan Sangu along several Nascent Soul Elders and a high number of Core Formation cultivators were obliterated in an instant.[7]

Ling Yuling at the head of the Star Palace forced the Starfall Coalition into a steady decline. But then Wan Tianming, the Sect Master of the Myriad Gates of Enlightenment, progressed to the late-Nascent Soul Stage amid the crisis. He united the entire coalition and led it recovering all of their lost territories in the following few decades.[7] The Heavenly Star City was surrounded with the Heavenly Windfire Formation.[8]

One day, the Star Palace launched a full-force attack.[9] After Han Li killed Wan Tianming, who was actually Archsaint Six Paths, he destroyed the core of the Heavenly Windfire Formation. Many of the Starfall Coalition cultivators only fled the battlefield. In the next few months, the Star Palace had become the ruler of the Scattered Star Seas again. Ling Yuling gave an immunity to the low-grade Starfall Coalition cultivators, but hunted down very few remaining Nascent Soul stage Elders. The Starfall Coalition crumbled from the inside.[10]


In the martial world, a coalition usually refers to a group of cultivators banded together, whether publicly or privately, with generally aligning goals and thoughts. Some coalitions are formed to fight off a common enemy or achieve a goal that is otherwise impossible alone. More variations are coalitions that simply have a commanding cultivator while all other cultivators must obey.

The Starfall Coalition is a martial world coalition.

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