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The State of Dongyu is one of the countries of the Heavenly South Region. The country's size and wealth of cultivation resources place it among the top ten countries in the Heavenly South.

The State of Dongyu is one of the few rare countries that didn't belong to any of the continent's four superpowers. The reason for that was its location. It shared a close border at the center of the Heavenly Dao Alliance Six Devil Dao Sects and Righteous Dao Alliance. The native sects of that state couldn't be suppressed by any other power. They became the deciding factor that prevented the State of Dongyu from being influenced by the other superpowers. None of the three neighbouring superpowers wished to relinquish control of the country, so there was only a vague agreement that the State of Dongyu stayed a neutral territory.[1]

In the State of Dongyu's northern Chang Province lies the Myriad Link Mountain Range. It is abundant in Demon Beasts and rare medicines. Inside the mountain range lies infamous Devilfall Valley.[1]

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