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State of Yuanwu is one of countries in Heavenly South Region.

The Fu Clan, Qin Clan and Hu Clan were three most renown powers in the state.


Book 3[]

After the Seven Sects of the State of Yue learnt about invasion the Six Devil Dao Sects, they sent diplomats to States of Yuanwu and Zi Jin. Powers in those states were naturally afraid that after the Devil Dao seized the State of Yue, their countries would be the next ones to be taken over. They sent forces to provide assistance.[1]

After betrayal of Spirit Beast Mountain, the Six Devil Dao Sects had great victory and the Six Sects of the State of Yue and allies from two other coutries suffered great losses.[2] Next, sects of Devil Dao spread to other countries. The Devilflame Sect became the dominating power in the State of Yuanwu. The Fu Clan rose to prominence, after providing assistance to them and battling other clans.[3]

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