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It's said that at the time, there were many now extinct races residing in all of the realms, and beings of the upper realms like true immortals and true devils were occasionally able to communicate with the beings of the lower realms. However, during that period, a Stemborer Queen was suddenly born in a seemingly ordinary race of ancient insects.

This creature was even more fearsome than the average true immortal, and not only does it possess an innate Dark Elemental Physique, it can devour all types of energy.

What's even more terrifying about it is its incredible reproductive abilities, and all of its descendants also possess the ability to devour all types of energy. It's said that the most feared insects of the realms, such as the Gold Devouring Beetles, may have inherited the bloodline of the Stemborer Queen, thereby granting them the ability to devour all things[1].

In just over 1,000 years, this Stemborer Queen had slaughtered all of the other living beings in its realm with its billions of descendants. After another 10,000 years, all of the energy within that realm had been devoured, and it began to crumble away. However, the Stemborer Queen was able to teleport itself and its descendants to a neighboring realm with its unfathomable powers right before the realm was destroyed. Tens of thousands of years later, that realm also suffered the same fate.

During the next close to 200,000 years, the Stemborer Queen and its descendants laid waste to several realms and finally attracted the attention of the upper realms. Two true immortals were somehow sent down to lure the Stemborer Queen and its descendants into the Elder Devil Realm, where a fierce battle took place. It's said that the battle almost destroyed this entire realm, and many of the perilous regions in the Elder Devil Realm were left behind by that battle. In the end, all of the Stemborer Queen's descendants were killed, and the Stemborer Queen itself was severely wounded before being sealed away in an eternal slumber by the two true immortals.


Beast Form[]

It was a white insect that was the size of a mountain. The insect had a pristine and flawless white body, and its head was buried deep into its own body, making it impossible to glean its appearance. However, with its rotund frame, it was looking like a massive silkworm. There were golden runes surging slowly around its body.[2]

After awakening, it had transformed into a three-headed giant insect. The central head of the insect bore the appearance of the silver-robed woman, while the other two heads were mostly covered in five-colored scales with countless eyeballs of different sizes all over the tops of the heads, presenting a very chilling sight to behold. As for the insect's body, it was as smooth and translucent as a flawless chunk of crystal. On its back were four pairs of beautiful white cicada wings with five-colored runes etched all over their surfaces.[3]

Human Form[]

This was a little girl who appeared to be no more than 12 years of age[4]. The little girl had a dark complexion and was wearing an extremely ordinary set of tight-fitting clothes. Her appearance was quite ordinary, but her eyes were completely grey, as if she were blind from birth, and there was a glossy black crystal embedded into her glabella. She's wielding the power of the law of time.

It was a silver-robed woman who had an elegant figure, and she looked much like a more mature version of the little girl.

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The Stomberor Queen is the same Stemborer Queen form this relate series "Demon's Diary (魔天记)"