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Sun Ergou (孙二狗Sūn èr gǒu) is the minor leader of the Fourth Level Gang.[1] In the donghua, he is instead a waiter at the Xiangjia Restaurant, who later rose to become the restaurant's shopkeeper.[?]


Sun Ergou has long, slanted eyebrows and crooked eyes. In addition, he has the appearance of a ruffian, a cross between a rotten pear and a spoiled jujube.

In the manhua, he has a hairy mole on his left cheek.[1]


He is skilled in flattery and reading body language.


Sun Ergou wandered the docks of Jia Yuan City for years, eventually managing to become a minor leader of the Fourth Level Gang with over a dozen porters/underlings under him. The gang made a living carrying goods for merchants and killing in order to loot. Spending many years at the wharf, he developed an eye for detail, enabling him to suss out vulnerable people he can exploit or steal from. He and his arch nemesis Hei Xiong ran out of luck when they underestimated Han Li, thinking him an easy target, as they assumed he was a wealthy young man travelling only with a single bodyguard.[1][2] Han Li forced Ergou to ingest a Heart-Decaying Pill upon defeat, promising he will purge the poison once he's accomplished a task on Han Li's behalf. Han Li also hands him a pouch of silver, leading Sun Ergou to become very devoted to the job at hand, due to the lucrative pay. He begins reporting to Han Li at the tavern. There he informs Han Li of the gang situation in the city.[2]

Sun Ergou swore servitude to Han Li in exchange for the protection of his clan. He was given torn talisman paper as an identifier.[3]


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