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To make a breakthrough to the Supreme Unity Jade Immortal stage, you need to get rid of the baneful aura that you possess in order to first survive the Evil Decline (that block you of making a breakthrough) and to later get the pure Supreme Unity Jade physique because the heaven cannot tolerate a being filled with a baneful aura to continue living and become stronger.[?]

After having opened 108 immortal apertures and made the baneful aura in the body disappear, one has to undergo a baptism of one's own immortal spiritual energy (that is within the 108 immortal apertures) to purify the body to attain the pure Supreme Unity Jade physique that was transparent and flawless like jade (it would be like at the Grand Ascension stage were the body undergoes a rebirth in a cocoon to lay the foundation to becoming an immortal and beyond, but the cocoon is a lotus pod in this case and it is to lay the foundation to Zenith Heaven and maybe the Dao Ancestor stage).[?]

In terms of physical toughness, there was no way that a Golden Immortal physique could compare to the pure Supreme Unity Jade physique. The movements were more faster and powerful and the spiritual sense and spiritual force would be able to reach a whole new level as well. However, the fundamental aspect of this physique and spiritual sense was that it would return to its original state, becoming more compatible with heaven and earth, becoming one with the Great Dao, becoming one with the laws. As such, it would be easier to comprehend and contain the power of laws. It could be said that the purity of the Supreme Unity Jade Immortal's physique would directly affect how far they would be able to go on their path of cultivation in comprehending nomological laws.[?]

It is here that one is truly immortal without immortal declines nor tribulations. However, it is not yet the end of cultivation.[?]

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