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At the border of the central and northern portions of the Jin Empire.


Ranked the top five of the thirty-six regions in terms of wealth as there are many fields and rivers amassing a great amount of wealth and there were many large regions of spirit mountains as well.


Daoism and Buddhism were prevalent in the region and their temples were profusely found throughout. Regardless of one’s standing or wealth, they would always pay great respect to either of these schools.

There is also thirty-nine Confucian schools with one of the largest of these schools consisting of experts of Confucian teachings with many government officials in their ranks. On the other hand, the smallest of these schools only had ordinary Confucian instructors that could only explain the most basic aspects of Confucianism. If they felt that any of their disciples were outstanding, they would be recommended to a higher school, granting poorer disciples a good opportunity to advance. After all, Confucian scholars that graduate from a high-grade Confucian School were welcomed to the higher echelon of the Jin Empire. Confucian scholars that stem from the highest schools are even heavily recruited by nobility of all ranks.

The Taichang Prefecture’s capital city, Taichang City, was the location of one such of these prestigious Confucian academies. Although the city wasn’t ranked amongst the best in the empire, it was one of the centers of commerce in the Nan Province and was where the rich and powerful took residence. There were four families titled as nobility that resided in the city as well as countless people of every trade.