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Fatty Han , as he is known by his regulars, is the Third Uncle (三叔Sān shū) of Han Li, and runs a restaurant in Green Ox Town. When his restaurant gained the backing of the Seven Mysteries Sect and he himself would be recognized as an outer disciple, he invited Han Li to participate in the Inner Disciple Examinations. Since he is childless, he naturally thought of Han Li who met the age requirement.[1]


He is a bearded man with a round face, who will walk around his restaurant with a swagger. According to his regulars, Han Li resembles him.[2] Upon visiting the Han Family by the forest, he wore brand new satin robes.[1]


"(…) a smart and astute man who was childless (…)"[1]

He has a teasing relationship with regulars of his restaurant. Upon seeing Han Li, they teased the childless man if this was his illegitimate child with a prostitute. Instead of being angered, he said it was a matter of course as he proudly announced his nephew.[2]


Han Li's parents described him as the most capable within their family. "After a few hundred years, the Han family had finally produced someone like his Third Uncle, a figure with status and respect that was unrivaled within the family. When Han Li was young, he had only met his Third Uncle a few times." "Every so often, this Third Uncle would even gift some food to his parents to bring home and eat. Because he had looked after Han Li’s family with great consideration, Han Li had a very good impression of him. Even though his parents never said anything, he knew that in their hearts, they were very grateful."[1]

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