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A Thousand Eyed Demon (千目妖Qiān mù yāo) is a Grade 5 demonic beast of the Outer Star Seas. [1]


The Thousand Eyed Demon has a tough four-leaved shell with sparse spikes on it. Underneath its exoskeleton are two pincers underneath its body, and at least 8 tentacles with more eyes for tips. It's main body consists of a single large eye with a slit pupil. Its iris is somewhat reddish orange. It can act somewhat like a football in the way it bounces around, and is capable of shooting laser beams from its main eye.[1]



Han Li lured one towards him on the Red Coral Island. It had a tough shell that they had to break through. Han Li tried to restrict it with his Fierce Heavenly Wind Formation, but it broke through and destroyed some of his puppets.[1]


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