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The Thousand Illusions Sect is one of Six Devil Dao Sects.

They are most prominent in concealment techniques in the Heavenly South Region. The Greater Sifting Mirage Technique is the Thousand Illusions Sect's signature technique.[1]

Spirit Well Tree[]

After the Six Devil Dao Sects and the Righteous Dao Alliance had discovered a withered ancient Profound Goddess's Palm near the Moulan Plains, they made a plan to acquire the Spirit Well Tree to restore it. Disciples from Thousand Illusions Sect, Heavenly Fiend Sect and Righteous Dao's Overwhelming Pavilion were send to infiltrate the three sects in the Dreamcloud Mountains to acquire the Spirit Well Tree.[1] Du Dong was one of the cultivators infiltraiting Drifting Cloud Sect. Later, when they used the Wine Nectar to water the Profound Goddess' Palm, the tree remained in its withered state without change.[2]

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