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The Three Essence Revolutions Technique was created to assist the Azure Essence Sword Art. Those who wish to cultivate it must first reach the sixth layer of the Azure Essence Sword Art, then disperse their cultivation once and start over. Only then can they utilize the Three Essence Revolutions Technique to compress the law force and true essence cultivated anew, making the law force much purer and several times more potent. Additionally, this technique has an additional effect of avoiding the bottleneck of forming the Golden Core.

The Golden Core is condensed from solidified true essence. If one has a similar solid true essence beforehand, forming the Golden Core becomes much easier. The ability to bypass the bottleneck of forming the Golden Core was originally just a conjecture of the founder, but it was proven effective through Han Li's personal practice. However, according to the founder's estimation, even if one follows all the requirements of the technique completely, the chance of immediately forming the Golden Core is only 50% at best.

Practicing this technique consumes a considerable amount of time.


The Three Essence Revolutions Technique also appeared in Han Li's mind after absorbing the knowledge in the Golden Page.