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The Thunder Soul Crystal is a special kind of Thunder Soul Crystal that would only be found in places where the power of lightning is extremely rich. Other than the fact that it contains abundant power of lightning, there is also a special kind of power of the soul mixed in with it. Not only is this item helpful to those who practice lightning cultivation techniques, but it would also nurture the soul of other cultivators, preventing inner demons from interfering with them.


It was a translucent purple crystal about the size of a fist and its surface was riddled with holes, covered by crisscrossing purple lightning patterns. The lightning patterns flickered with purple electrical currents non-stop, making them look like solid forms of lightning, emitting bursts of violent lightning auras.

There were faint traces of spiritual fluctuations emanating from the very depths of the crystal, as if the power of the lightning was simply too rich and had developed some intelligence.