Thunderstorm Wings possess wind and lightning attributes and they require either lightning or wind to drive them. They allow the user to execute the Lightning Movement, the most profound of all movement techniques. It is incomparable to the common movement techniques of the five elements.[1]

Han Li stole them from Feng Xi[2], who refined them from remains of a peak metamorphosis stage Lightning Roc.[3] Later, he infused the Kun Peng's feather into the Thunderstorm Wings in accordance to Endless Sky Beast's avatar refinement method, but they didn't reach the level of a Divine Spirit Treasure. However, they were still more powerful and allowed using wind-attribute spiritual power.[4]

After going in the primordial world of the Spirit Realm for a mission of Deep Heaven City, Han Li managed to get a Heavenly Phoenix Feather from Ye Ying in exchange for the True Dragon Blood he obtained from Xiao Hong.[5] The bag of Xiao Hong had a top grade wind spirit stone and nine others. He refined for the time his wings with 6 top-grade spirit stones (five representing each of the five elements and the sixth was the wind-attributed spirit stone) along with the Heavenly Phoenix Feather. It advanced to the level of a spirit treasure after this third refinement.[6]

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