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Tian Kui is a Late Integration Level Demon Beast residing in the Spirit Realm. He is the current king of the Heavenly Silvermoon Wolves.

He was engaged to Ling Long but as his cultivation reached a bottle neck tried to force himself on Ling Long to use her Yin Qi to breakthrough. Ling Long refused as they were not meant to be married until after she broke through to Integration Level as losing her Yin Qi would drastically slow down her cultivation. As a result of the pressure on her, her soul split into two before she escaped to the Spirit World.

Great Ascension beast Ao Xiao, Ling Long's grandfather, takes Ling Long away when she returns to the spirit realm and cancels their engagement. Ao Xiao supported Tian Kui's rise to leadership because there were no suitable candidate among his people and initially tolerated his actions towards Ling Long. This changed when he found that Ling Long awakened her rare physique making her likely to reach Grand Ascension.

Tian Kui dies in battle years later during the Devil Invasion. If he had survived the war, Ao Xiao would have subjected him to a gruesome death since he no longer had any reason to support his rule and as retribution for Ling Long.