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Tian Qin is the reincarnation of Xin Ruyin reborn as the daughter of Wen Siyue from the Scattered Star Seas. Unfortunately, like her previous life, Tian Qin possesses the Dragon Cry Physique for males. This physique improves as she cultivates which would result in an early death before obtaining Foundation Establishment because Tian Qin is female.[1]

First Meeting[]

While at Qi Condensation stage, Tian Qin encountered a venomous insect that poisoned her. Her parents were unable to remove the poison. Tian Qin appeared deathly sick, and her parents attributed the reason to poison.[2] To remove the poison, she and her parents needed to acquire the demon core of a White Yang Demon Fish found in the Outer Star Seas.[3] Tian Qin and her parents would be unintentionally caught bribing cultivators of the Star Palace in an attempt to secure use of the restricted Teleport Formation within the Heavenly Star City.

She and her parents were caught by one of the Heavenly Star Sages - Wen Qing who was observing Han Li's movements. Tian Qin would first meet a Late-Nascent Soul stage Han Li who was using a concealment technique to also secure use of the restricted teleport formation to travel to the Outer Star Seas[4]. Thanks to a past relationship between Han Li and her mother Wen Siyue, Tian Qin was spared any punishment by the Star Palace for breaking the teleport restrictions.

Both Tian Qin, her parents and their disciples safely transported to the Outer Star Seas. Thanks to Han Li, Tian Qin and her parents learned that the real reason for her deathly sickness was the Dragon Cry Physique. She learned that continued cultivation made the symptoms worse[1] and that she couldn't sustainable continue to the Foundation Establishment stage. Should Tian Qin continue to cultivate, the only methods available to counter-act the physique were expensive pills, or a Nascent Soul-grade cultivator injecting Yin Qi to counteract the Yang Qi. Thanks to Tian Qin's striking resemblance to Xin Ruyin, Han Li offered to take her as his disciple should she demonstrate sufficient mastery of formations by their next meeting.[5]

Journey to the Heavenly South Region[]

Tian Qin met Han Li again on his way back to the ancient teleportation formation to the Heavenly South Region. Here she passed Han Li's test having mastered the formation spells in Xin Ruyin's formation spell book.[6] Having passed his test, Tian Qin departed from her parents and together with Han Li. She arrived in a Spirit Stone mine controlled by the Ghost Spirit Sect. Upon arrival, Foundation Establishment cultivators from the Devilflame Sect scanned her cultivation to make sure they weren't going to offend a powerful cultivator. This was because strong female cultivators typically masked their appearances. This resulted them is mistaking Han Li to be a Qi Condensation cultivator resulting in their swift demise.[7]

On their way back to the Drifting Cloud Sect in the State of Xi, Tian Qin and Han Li made a pit-stop in the State of Yuanwu to visit the mountain where Xin Ruyin had previously lived. Upon arrival, they discovered that the Wing Transformation Sect had taken over displacing the original buildings. A displeased Han Li forced the sect to remove itself from the mountain. Luckily, the original Bamboo home of Xin Ruyin remained intact. Upon seeing the building, Tian Qin became unsettled confirming Han Li's belief that she was the reincarnation of Xin Ruyin.[8]

Afterwards, they continued their journey to the Drifting Cloud Sect, where she became Han Li's disciple.[9] As his disciple, she was given a cave abode with custom formations made by Han Li. Additionally, he provided her with several remarkable treasures and arranged for the sect's second elder Lu Luo to supply Yin-Qi to counteract the Dragon Cry Physique when Han Li was not around or in seclusion.[10]

Over the next century, Tian Qin managed to reach a mid Foundation Establishment stage with the assistance of the large number of pills provided by her Master. After Han Li took another disciple, Shi Jian, Tian Qin was helping him in cultivation.[11] In the folowing few decades both of them reached Core Formation stage.[12]


More than 4 decades later, after return from the Scattered Star Seas with the Divine Essencefused Mountain, Han Li made preparations and went into a long seclusion to make a breakthrough to Deity Transformation stage. Nangong Wan, Mu Peiling, Tian Qin'er and Shi Jian left the sect too.[13] They travelled to the Scattered Star Seas and settled on a small remote island. Han Li went into the depths of Devilfall Valley, where he made the breakthrough after 300 years. In the meantime, Nangong Wan had entered late Nascent Soul stage. On the other hand, Mu Peiling died during her breakthrough.[14]

Tian Qin'er was struck at late Core Formation stage. Han Li gave a bottle of the Returning Sun Water extending her lifespan. She spent most of his time researching spell formation and restrictions. Her mastery over spell formations was far beyond that of Han Li's.

After Han Li found the spatial node used by Xiang Zhili and the rest, he called for Tian Qin'er to join him, once he learnt it was becoming unstable. She worked on stopping the entrance from collapsing. After several years, Ice Phoenix Feng appeared there too.[15] At some point, the demon beast bestowed a few drops of her glacial essence upon Tian Qin, which cured her from Dragon Cry Physique.[16] After next 30 years, Han Li and Ice Phoenix Feng entered the spatial node. Tian Qin'er and Shi Jian only respectfully saluted. Afterwards, they all went back to the Scattered Star Seas.[17]


Realm Chapter
Qi Condensation 1134
Early Core Formation 1225
Late Core Formation 1260


When Han Li's fragment soul returns to the Human World and found out from Ling Yuling that Tian Qin'er herself had failed to transcend her Deity Transformation Stage tribulation many years ago and perished as a result. However, she managed to preserved a part of her soul in hopes to be reincarnated someday


Dragon Cry Physique[]

Formation Master[]

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