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Book 4[]

As the Heavenvoid Hall was opening, Tian Wuzi went there with fellow cultivator looking like and old farmer. Later, Wan Tianming joined them. They were about to compete with Zenith Yin, Qing Yi and Man Huzi.[1]

When everyone arrived before Inner Halls, cultivators of Righteous and Devil Daos agreed to not fight until one side acquires Heavenvoid Cauldron.[2] Wan Tianming's party of Righteous Dao cultivators reached the platform with the treasure first. As Devil Dao cultivators caught up to them, they clashed.[3] When some of Wan Tianming's Gold Threaded Silkworms were killed, Righteous Dao cultivators left.[4] As Devil Dao cultivators were seizing the Heavenvoid Cauldron, Tian Wuzi and others two came back to fight.[5] Qing Yi fought Tian Wuzi to keep him occupied.[6] When the Heavenvoid Cauldron was emerging, projections of 2 Star Palace Elders appeared. After they killed the Bloodjade Spider, the cauldron was disappearing, but then a Heavenmend Pill fell out from it.[7] As Man Huzi snatched the pill, others gave chase after him.[8]

After a while, all six Nascent Soul cultivators reached agreement. When they returned to the platform, the Heavenvoid Cauldron, Wu Chou, Han Li, and the Bone Sage were all missing. Zenith Yin sensed his grandson was dead. They quarrelled and wondered what happened.[9]

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