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Tian Yuan was one of the Three Human Sovereigns in the Spirit Realm. He ruled over the Heavenly Origin Region.


He looks like a middle-aged scholar. He wears white robes and has a relaxed expression. His features are quite graceful and refined, but his ears were remarkably long.


He was at the start an extremely prominent and renowned mortal. Only after encountering a miraculous opportunity was he able to attain a spiritual root and become a cultivator.[1]

Known also as Heavenly Origin Sage, a lot of human body refiners originated from him. Later, he founded the Confucian school as well, earning him the name of the Scholar Emperor.[2]


Due to appearance of the Profound Heavenly Spiritslash Sword, many races started preparation for war to compete for the treasure. The possession of it could attract a True Spirit-grade existence and cause it to protect their clan and turn it into the strongest tribe in the spirit realm. These True Spirit-grade existences are superior to Immortals from the True Immortal Realm.

One day, Holy Sovereign Tian Yuan noticed that Elder Lei Luo from the Deep Heaven City was possessed. Then he and another Elder, Jin Yue, set a trap for him. The purple shadow was captured and extracted, but Lei Luo was already dead.[3]

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