A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality Wiki

Triessence Slash is a technique created by Han Li by fusing the powers of his Provenance True Devil Arts, Azure Essence Sword Art, and Vajra Arts all at once through the Provenance True Devil Projection.

The projection invoke three sword of antiqued design with runes flashing over their surface and each with different forms. One sword is thin as paper and flashing with golden light, another one was narrow yet extremely long and shimmering azure light; and the final one was a extremely thick dull sword that was completely inky-black in color.

With the three spare hands the projection made hand seals and point in unison the three sword that send projection of different color that combine as one three-colored streak of light.

Due to the fact that the three types of true essence were all different and complemented one another, their combined power was far superior to just the sum of their constituent parts.