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Triflame Fan is an inferior version of the Divine Spirit Treasure, Sevenflame Fan. Monarch Soul Divergence substituted some materials and changed the refinement method. This also changed its power to be around a half of the original.[1]


Triflame Fan was made of feathers, several inches large, and colored gold, silver, and red. Talisman markings and spirit patterns densely covered its surface in multiple layers, resulting in intermittent fluctuations in the color of its spiritual aura. Whenever multiples of these many markings appeared simultaneously, it made for an entrancing sight.[2]


It sends a tri-colored flame, which condenses into a meter-wide phoenix with feathers of gold, silver, and red. Before it makes the attack, the phoenix circles once in the air, leaving halos of light around itself with colorful talisman characters appearing within.[2] Then the tri-colored phoenix launches its true attacks and expands its wings before turning into a huge fireball and unleashing shattering and melting tri-colored inferno burst.[3] [4] [5] [6]

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