The last and final realm in the mortal spiritual world, also the beginning of the Immortal World. Not much is known besides that this stage can directly flip over a mortal spiritual world. It has been shown that the demon race fear this level to their bones. The presence of a True Immortal is enough to send the demon race into a frenzy just from the thought of one.

At this stage, one can use immortal spirit energy to cultivate and open immortal aperture, posseses endless lifespan. However, they will also have to face Tribulation of Three Declines. First Decline, is Immortal Decline, within the body immortal spirit strength is drained for no reason, cultivation base is damaged greatly, until realm drops. Second Decline, is Body Decline, the mortal body gradually falls apart, the body and spirit weakens, finally is unable to accept immortal spirit energy, until the body exploded and perished. Third Decline, is Aperture Decline, after aperture deteriorates, will spread, invades more than 30 immortal aperture that True Immortal cultivator opens laboriously, causing it to be completely decayed. Once all immortal aperture rot, the body of True Immortal will then deteriorates, immortal spirit strength diverges all, all cultivation loses, finally degenerates into the disabled person thoroughly, the opportunity of staging a comeback did not have.

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