A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality Wiki

The True Immortal Realm has been split up into countless immortal regions, all of which are being overseen by the immortal palaces.

The Immortal World is unfathomably boundless, each Immortal Territory is larger than the Spiritual World. Even though all of us are collectively referred to as true immortals by beings from lower realms, in reality, the True Immortal Stage is only the lowest immortal cultivation rank. There are several ranks above the True Immortal Stage such as the Golden Immortal and the Supreme Unity Jade Immortal, and it’s often the case that millions of years of arduous cultivation will be required to progress up each major cultivation rank. As such, immortals are split up into the advanced, intermediate, and elementary tiers. Even among those at the same cultivation ranks, a difference in tiers would equate to an enormous disparity in power.

There are tens of thousands of Immortal Territories, each one typically having one or several rulers. Weaker Immortal Territories will typically have several Gold Immortals ruling at once, or one powerful Supreme Unity Jade Immortal. Stronger Immortal Territories will have many Golden Immortal and True Immortals, and many more Supreme Unity Jade Immortal. The most powerful territories have Zenith Heaven Immortals and beyond that stage is the Dao patriarch level. Unfortunately, even the legendary 10 divine tomes of the True Immortal Realm wouldn’t allow you to cultivate directly to the Dao patriarch level.

Here are some Immortal Territories know through the story; Northern Chill Immortal Territory (the territory where the Spirit Realm is and cultivator ascend to), the place where Han Li ascended; Holy Region, a part of the True Immortal Realm (cluster of Immortal Territory) where devil and demon goes to after ascending (like the Elder Devil Realm) or live in, it is controlled by the Vast Origin House who is leaded by the Demon Master; Barbarian Region, the space in between Immortal Territory that hasn't been conquered because of tribal/indigenous clan or race powerful enough to take it for themselves and others various reasons; Central Immortal Territory, the most powerful of the Immortal Territories and also the territory where the main base of the Heavenly Court is found making it the defacto place having the most Dao Ancestors in the True Immortal Realm with the Dao Ancestor of Time as it's center who is the most powerful Dao Ancestor of all (in other words it is the most powerful place in the universe);