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The Unbreakable Cinque Devils are refined corpses of 5 Nascent Soul cultivators. They were created by Old Devil Qian but later, Han Li refined them for himself.[1]


There are jet-black skulls at the pit of their stomachs.[2] Cinque Devils can merge together, forming a giant skeleton[3] or spout grey and white demonic energy.[4]

Refinement Process[]

It required the fresh corpses of five Nascent Soul-stage cultivators. After being refined with various rare materials, the corpses must also be buried in a place of concentrated Yin Qi, where a Yin cultivator is beheaded every month to feed the corpses with their blood, flesh, and soul. With this repeated for a hundred years, the cinque devils will gain sentience and arise. Then using a particular secret technique to refine the corpses for several tens of years further, the cinque devils will have been cultivated to their initial stage having Core Formation stage cultivation.[1]


They have a risk of backlash. In any moment of weakness where owner would lose control of the cinque devils or if he failed to provide them with his blood essence, they would relentlessly attempt to devour him.[1]

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