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Some of the things that can be obtained from the Vast Glacial Realm could even determine the fate of an entire race. Of course, such monumental treasures are exceedingly rare, even in the Vast Glacial Realm. The main aspects about the realm that make it very attractive are that the richness of the world's origin Qi there is over 10 times that of our Spirit Realm, and there are also many spirit medicines and spirit fruits there that ware extremely difficult to find in the Spirit Realm.

This has not been completely confirmed, but we are almost entirely sure that the Vast Glacial Realm is a damaged subsidiary space to the True Immortal Realm.

At present, this is only mere speculation, among the cave abodes, remains, and treasures discovered within the Vast Glacial Realm, we've yet to discover anything that's actually useful, so it's not like anyone can just go in and come back out with extraordinary treasures that defy the natural order. Even the spirit medicines and spirit fruits I mentioned are mostly hidden in obscure locations that require extensive efforts to find.[1]

In summary, there are many rare and precious items to be found in the Vast Glacial Realm, but what you find in there will be down to your luck.

All of the races hold the Vast Glacial Realm in such high regard mostly because of the abundant spiritual Qi in there. They want to use the realm as a place where beings who had been stuck at their bottlenecks for extended periods of time could finally make their breakthroughs.

Several hundred Vast Glacial Badges appear on the Thunder Continent on each occasion, and how many beings can be teleported into the realm with each badge is dependent on the capabilities of the teleportation formation set up.

Each badge teleports beings to a random location. If a group of beings were to be teleported into the same area as beings from an enemy race, then a battle would be inevitable.

However, the most perilous aspect of the Vast Glacial Realm is actually the realm itself. No one had seen a living immortal in there, but there are some incredibly powerful ancient beasts in there, each and every one of which is far too powerful for any of the beings that venture into the realm to face. If you encounter a more mild-tempered one, you could simply give it a wide berth and go around it without much trouble. However, if you encounter a violent one that actively attacks even without being provoked, then you'll have to pray that you survive that ordeal somehow. On top of that, there are many terrifying restrictions in the Vast Glacial Realm that are suspected to have been left behind by immortals.If you stumble into one of those, then you're most likely as good as dead as well.Hence, it's quite often the case that less than half the number of peopl and that enter the realm actually return.

No one knows exactly when the Vast Glacial Realm appeared, but it had most likely been discovered by the races that resided here during ancient times. It's said that an extremely important battle between the races had broken out at the time, and profound heavenly treasures had been used during the battle. The combined powers of several profound heavenly treasures shattered space at the time, thereby opening up a passageway to the Vast Glacial Realm. As for how the Vast Glacial Badges appeared, we really have no clue. It was as if the badges appeared as soon as the Vast Glacial Realm appeared. In the beginning, there were over 1,000 Vast Glacial Badges, but after so many years, most of them have been destroyed.

The method of entering and exiting the Vast Glacial Realm is also quite unique. When entering the realm, the badge is required, but when leaving the realm, the badges have to be left in there before one can depart. After over 10,000 years, the Vast Glacial Realm will open up once again, and the badges will somehow reappear all over the Thunder Continent. On top of that, the badges can't teleport beings at or above the holy race, so none of the elders of the 13 races can access the realm. Otherwise, things wouldn't be so troublesome.[2]

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