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Wan Tianming was the Sect Master of the Myriad Gates of Enlightenment. He was a famous cultivator of Righteous Dao.[1]


Wan Tianming was a middle-aged man. He had had a squarish face and a large brow with white shiny teeth. He wore a violet robe and jade belt.[1]


Heavenvoid Hall[]

As Wan Tianming arrived to the Heavenvoid Hall, Lady Wen confronted him about an incident with one of her sword attendants. Then he joined Tian Wuzi and a fellow cultivator looking like and old farmer.[1]

Wan Tianming passed the Path of Ice and Fire without problems. He was aware of the changes made in it and that it was doing of Elders of Star Palace. Despite that, he didn't question them.[2] When everyone arrived before Inner Halls, cultivators of Righteous and Devil Daos agreed to not fight until one side acquires Heavenvoid Cauldron.[3] Wan Tianming's party of Righteous Dao cultivators reached the platform with the treasure first. As Devil Dao cultivators caught up to them, they clashed.[4] When some of Wan Tianming's Gold Threaded Silkworms were killed, Righteous Dao cultivators left.[5] As Devil Dao cultivators were seizing the Heavenvoid Cauldron, Wan Tianming and others two came back to fight.[6] Man Huzi faced Wan Tianming.[7] When the Heavenvoid Cauldron was emerging, projections of 2 Star Palace Elders appeared. After they killed the Bloodjade Spider, the cauldron was disappearing, but then a Heavenmend Pill fell out from it.[8] Wan Tianming, who was reaching end of his lifespan, manifested his Nascent Soul to use Heavensifting Mine.[9] Man Huzi faced him with his own Nascent Soul. Wan Tianming’s Nascent Soul came out victorious and snatched the Heavenmend Pill, but then Man Huzi forced him to give it to him in exchange for his body. As Man Huzi snatched the pill, others gave chase after him.[10]

After a while, all six Nascent Soul cultivators reached agreement. When they returned to the platform, the Heavenvoid Cauldron, Wu Chou, Han Li, and the Bone Sage were all missing. Zenith Yin sensed his grandson was dead. They quarrelled and wondered what happened.[11]

War between Starfall Coalition and Star Palace[]

When Heavenly Star Sages were on the verge of success with cultivating the Divine Essencefused Light, the Righteous and Devil Dao suddenly formed the Starfall Coalition to oppose the Star Palace's hegemony in the Scattered Star Seas and end their reign. Many sects joined under their banner.[12]

Over almost 200 years many battles were fought. The Starfall Coalition won over 20 islands in the Inner Star Seas. However, the Star Palace has more victories.[13] As Ling Xiaofeng and Wen Qing's lifespans were coming to an end, to ensure the continued prosperity of the Star Palace, they decided to kill all other Late-Nascent Soul cultivators of the Starfall Coalition.[14] They invaded the main base of the Starfall Coalition and razed it in a suicidal attack. Many Nascent Soul Elders of the Starfall Coalition perished, including Wan Sangu, and a high number of Core Formation cultivators.[15]

Despite being there too, the Archsaint Six Paths managed to survive. He took over Wan Tianming's body.[16] As the Starfall Coalition was forced into a steady decline by the Star Palace ruled by Ling Yuling, the news appeared that Wan Tianming progressed to the late Nascent Soul stage. Later, he united the entire coalition and slew several Star Palace elders in battle forging a resounding reputation for himself. In the following few decades, the Star Palace was no match for this Wan Tianming's aggressive assaults. The Starfall Coalition stormed back with a vengeance, recovering all of their lost territories. The Star Palace had been plunged into very perilous situation.[15] Eventually, they proceeded to surround the Heavenly Star City with the Heavenly Windfire Formation.[17]

Dominating the Scattered Star Seas[]

One day, the Star Palace launched a a full-force attack.[18] Wan Tianming summoned Twin Lan Devils, whom he kept hidden untill this moment, because of spies. He also figured out Han Li was present among forces of Star Palace.[19] As Wan Tianming went fighting Han Li, Star Palace's Nascent Soul Elders faced Twin Lan Devils. First, Wan Tianming made 2 late-Nascent Soul refined corpses appear and then used Six Apex Devils Art, which suprised Han Li.[20] Youngster figured out that was actually Archsaint Six Paths.[16] When Han Li easily destroyed 2 Devil Sages, Archsaint Six Paths turned to escape. Han Li caught him and attacked after transforming himself with Brightjade Arts. [21] After combined attack from the puppet, Unbreakable Cinque Devils and Han Li, Archsaint Six Paths was frozen with Purple Apex Flames despite using his Three Divine Souls Banner and two-headed python. As old devil's Nascent Soul turned into six ghost and tried to run away, it was disintegrated with Divine Devilbane Lightning.[22]


Wan Tianming was at mid Nascent Soul stage.[5]

He cultivated True Heavensifting Arts.[1]

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