Wang was the fifth wife of Mo Juren.

Personality Edit

She is taciturn.

Background Edit

She was previously First Wife Jin’s personal maid.

History Edit

Book 2 Edit

Han Li arrived at the Mo Estate to offer his help as disicple of Mo Juren and for the Precious Warm Yang Jade.[1] From delivered letter from their husband, she and other wifes learnt that he was dead.[2] Afterwards, Han Li explained details of Mo Juren's demise.[3] After learning he was a cultivator, they made a deal with him to use his strenght. Han Li was to kill Ouyang Feitian of Hegemon's Villa in exchange for the Precious Warm Yang Jade to cure his poison.[4]

Book 3 Edit

After Han Li killed Ouyang Feitian of Hegemon's Villa, Fearsome Flood Dragon Association made a move to seize their belongings and grow in power. But Rainbow Sect did the same. Later, both organizations came into conflict. As it turned out Rainbow Sect was stronger than they appeared, Fearsome Flood Dragon Association was defeated. When Mo Estate was attacked, Second Wife Li and Fifth Wife Wang were killed. Fourth Wife Yan and Mo Caihuan managed to run away.[5]

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