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Wang Chan (王蝉) is a Young Sect Master of the Ghost Spirit Sect.[2]


Wang Chan was a lanky young man. He wore a silver demonic mask.[3]


War with the Seven Sects of Yue[]

Wang Chan was sent to Yan Clan with proposition of their return to the Ghost Spirit Sect.[3] He was accompanied by Li Brothers. They offered Thousand Spirit Sutras and a position of a deputy sect master in exchange for Yan Ruyan's marriage to Wang Chan and pair cultivation the Great Blood Spirit Art and a claim of the position of the Yan Clan Master for their offspring.[4]

After Yan Clan decided to betray the Seven Sects of the State of Yue and join the Ghost Spirit Sect, they colluded with Wang Chan to trap and refine the souls of the cultivators attending to the Treasure Seizing Assembly in the Yan Clan Castle. These souls were for Yan Ruyan to help her with the Great Blood Spirit Art.[5]

When members of Ghost Spirit Sect were sneakily gathering cultivators for blood sacrifices, Han Li figured it out and stayed away. Wang Chan went after him himself.[6] As they battled, Wang Chan had been poisoned by the extremely toxic Inky Flood Dragon venom after absorbing large quantities of a poisonous fog from the Azurefire Miasma. Later, he tried to chase Han Li, whom he hated much, but to no avail. He quickly returned, when he heard that Harmonious Bond Sect, led by Tian Buque, launched a surprise attack on them.[7]

After betrayal of Spirit Beast Mountain, the Six Devil Dao Sects had great victory.[8] Wang Chan and Young Master Tian from Harmonious Bond Sect pursued injured Nangong Wan.[9] As Fairy Nangong grew weaker, Han Li appeared suddenly and saved her. When they pursued, they got trapped in an illusory foramtion.[6]

Later on, Wang Chan, Li Brothers and a group of Devil Dao cultivators found Han Li in a cave, when he was activating Ancient Transportation Formation. They tried to stop him, but failed. Afterwards, as a Young Master of Ghost Spirit Sect, Wang Chan was leading campaigns for the Six Devil Dao Sects.[10]

Cang Kun's Treasures[]

Late Core Formation stage Wang Chan and his wife Yan Ruyan accompanied his uncle, the Sect Master Wang Tiangu to the Soaring Heavens City, where they joined a party of Marquis Nanlong. Wang Chan was shocked, when he saw Han Li there, and who also was at Nascent Soul stage. Wang Tiangu apologized for his nephew's actios in the past, and Han Li assured them that he didn't hold a grudge, but the Sect Master was doubtful about that.[11] Then Marquis Nanlong briefed everyone on the matter, revealing it was about Cang Kun's hidden treasures.[12] Afterwards, Wang Tiangu warned Wang Chan to be careful on this trip.[13]

In the Moulan Plains, Marquis Nanlong's group met Moulan spell warriors from Heavenly Wind Tribe. After loosing pursuers, they arrived at Cang Kun's cave residence.[14] There Han Li broke the ancient restriction.[15] While splitting the treasures, everyone else turned against Marquis Nanlong and Han Li, even his friend Yun.[16] Early Nascent Soul stage cultivator Long, Wang Chan and Yan Ruyan faced Han Li.[17] After Han Li killed cultivator Long and injured Wang Chan with Yin Devil Execution, he and wounded Marquis Nanlong escaped with few treasures.[18] Wang Chan lost his legs. He only could start healing, after his uncle harmful black Qi.[19]

Moulan Invasion[]

When Wang Chan met Wang Ning, he became entirely captivated by her beauty. This made his tongue loose, and he divulged a lot of information to her about Devilfall Valley and Spirit Kindle Fruits, which could be refined in a cultivation pill.[20]

Devilfall Valley Incident[]

After rumors began to spread that the Ghost Spirit Sect had acquired a method to enter Devilfall Valley, all other sects pressed them for information. The Ghost Spirit Sect was forced to allow other cultivators join them in that voyage.[21] When the time came, members of the Ghost Spirit Sect arrived at the entrance to Devilfall Valley. Sect Master Wang Tiansheng, Wang Tiangu, Elder Zhong, Wang Chan and Yan Ruyan were present.[22] Then Wei Wuya joined them, suprising many other cultivators.[23] After explaining that their transportation formation was teleporting randomly, Elder Zhong, Wang Chan and Yan Ruyan were first to go and Divine Sage Zhong and other Moulans were next.[24]

While Wang Tiansheng, Wang Tiangu and Wei Wuya travelled into the valley depths looking for the Spirit Ether Garden, Elder Zhong's party were looking for Spirit Kindle Fruits for Nature Origin Pills.[25] They encountered many mishaps. They were delayed by ilussion placed by Silvermoon.[26] And the fruits were snatched by Han Li and Wang Ning before them.[27]

Emergence of the Fourth Great Cultivator[]

Ghost Spirit Sect wasn't as powerful as it once was, after loss of Nascent Soul cultivators and a large number of Core Formation cultivators.[28] The Spirit Controlling Sect, Devilflame Sect, and the newly-arisen Blood Slaughter Sect have joined forces to bring them down.[29]

Wang Chan has failed to reach the Nascent Soul stage, but his wife Yan Ruyan succedded.[30] Then 2 Nascent Soul cultivators of Yan Clan started to rule over the sect, instead of Wang family. After making a huge mistake, Wang Chan was stripped of his role as an Enforcement Elder, and he was put in the sect's repentance cave to repent over his mistakes for 100 years.[31]

After the grand marriage of Han Li and Nangong Wan, Elders of the Ghost Spirit Sect visited Han Li beseeching him to help their sect. For their survival, they were willing to even vacate the State of Yue.[31] Han Li agreed to help them with condition of Wang Chan's death. He alo received a Wood Spirit Gathering Bead.[30]


Wang Chan was at mid Foundation Establishment stage. Later, he reached late Core Formation stage.[11]

He owned Yin Jade Pitchfork. They were dark green and about ten meters long. It was surrounded by a layer of black Qi, causing those who saw it to feel incomparably cold.[6] [32]

Great Blood Spirit Art is a top-grade Devil Dao secret technique.
It allowed to create a blood cloud with corruption properties. blood evasion technique was among the top five secret arts in the Six Devil Dao Sects.
It can also create blood ghosts. These were blood-red monsters about three meters tall. They had had fangs, claws, a short horn, a sharp pointed tail, and red eyes.[32]

He also owned golden skull treasure talisman.[7]

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