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Wang Ning (汪凝), also known as Fairy Violet Spirit (紫灵仙子),[?] or Sect Leader Zi Ling (紫灵门主Zǐ líng ménzhǔ),[3] is a cultivator and renowned beauty of the Inner Star Seas.[4] Later on, she conceals herself as Zi Ling to avoid being captured by Devil Dao cultivators.[1]

Wang Ning is a cultivator originating from the Scattered Star Seas where she is renowned as the country-shattering beauty Fairy Violet Spirit. She is held as one of the top-beauties within the Scattered Star Seas. To more sinister Devil Dao cultivators, she is seen as a Cultivation Furnace to use and sacrifice to further their cultivation. As a result, Wang Ning conceals her face and alters her appearance to avoid drawing un-necessary attention to herself.

First Meeting[]

Wang Ning inherited the Exquisite Sound Sect as a result of her mother - the former sect master - being killed by members of the Hidden Fiend Sect. She solicited help from various powerful cultivators outside of her sect to destroy the Hidden Fiend Sect. Unfortunately her plans would end in failure as it turned out that it was a scheme of the Nascent Soul Ancestor of Zenith Yin Island. Wang Ning used her Wood Dragon Table, a sect protecting treasure, to run away. Before leaving she took notice of an Early-Core Formation cultivator Han Li holding his own against a Heavenwide Corpse sent to hunt down escapees.

Given the now hostile situation with Zenith Yin Island - a superpower in the Inner Star Seas, Wang Ning moved the Exquisite Sound Sect to the Heavenly Star City under the protection of the Star Palace. Here she would learn more about the Han Li from her junior sisters Zhuo and Fan. Wang Ning determined that the Exquisite Sound Sect desperately needed a Core Formation elder. Determined to obtain one, she met Han Li after learning that he was interested in obtaining her Heaven Lightning Bamboo. Using the Bamboo, Wang Ning successfully obtained Han Li's support as a Guest Elder of the Exquisite Sound Sect.

Heavenvoid Hall[]

Lacking power, Wang Ning wanted to ascend to become a Core Formation cultivator. Additionally, she was already at the False-Core stage - one step away from forming a Core. As a result, she took the risk to enter the Heavenvoid Hall in the hopes of finding Spiritual Medicine that increases the chances of forming a core. To increase her chances for success, Wang Ning solicited help from an un-named Core Formation cultivator the Heavenvoid Hall with her. In the entrance room to the Outer Halls, she became startled by the sudden appearance of Han Li. When the teleportation formation to the outer halls opened she was teleported to a random location in the outer halls. Much to her dismay, she was separated from the Core Formation cultivator that she had hired. Luckily, she was teleported to the same location as Han Li and a Devil Dao cultivator named Ge Li from the Mount Heaven Island.

Fortunately for Wang Ning at the Foundation Establishment-stage, she was joined with cultivators best suited to travel through the Vengeful Ghost Haunt despite the Haunt being a challenge for even Core Formation cultivators. While traveling through the haunt, Wang Ning's group defeated a Ghost King that would have proven to be fatal if it wasn't for Ge Li possessing a Weeping Soul Beast and the Divine Devilbane Lightning from Han Li's Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords. After completing the Vengeful Ghost Haunt trial, Wang Ning observed an entertaining reunion between Han Li and a female cultivator Yuan Yao who had assumed the fake identity of Ge Li. Here the group went its separate ways. Wang Ning content with exploring the outer halls of the Heavenvoid Hall, separated from Han Li who was entering the inner halls with several Nascent Soul superpowers to claim the Heavenvoid Cauldron. Wang Ning would rejoin her original hired-help in exploring the outer halls.

While Wang Ning was in the Heavenvoid Hall, her power over the Exquisite Sound Sect was usurped by her aide Lady Fan. Unknown to Wang Ning, Han Li had stolen the Heavenvoid Cauldron from underneath the noses of Nascent Soul elders from both Righteous and Devil Dao superpowers. This resulted in the absorption of the Exquisite Sound Sect into the Starfall Coalition as a tool to hunt down Han Li.

Umbra Realm[]

Wang Ning was captured after attempting to return to the Exquisite Sound Sect. She was unwillingly forced to become the bound concubine and cultivation furnace for Wen Tianren - a late Core Formation disciple of the Archsaint Six Paths (a Devil Dao superpower). As a favored concubine, she would travel in Wen Tianren's entourage along with another favorite concubine Mei Ning. Wang Ning, would have a surprise re-encounter with a late Core Formation stage Han Li when Wen Tianren decided to investigate a Heavenly Omen that was being conjoured by Yuan Yao's Soulrise Technique. Wang Ning hesitated following Wen Tianren's order to capture Yuan Yao as a hostage to use against Han Li. Before Wen Tianren could punish Wang Ning for insubordination, a Ghost Mist appeared swallowing all nearby cultivators and dragging them into the Umbra Realm.

In the Umbra Realm, Wang Ning was unable to draw upon her spiritual power and skills. She would continue traveling with Wen Tianren to increase the odds of survival. Together they would travel towards the Stormwind Mountain which was rumored to be the exit back to the Mortal Realm. While traveling upwards they encountered Han Li who promptly killed Wen Tianren who was powerless without spiritual power freeing Wang Ning from her suitor. Unable to use spiritual power to conceal her appearance, Wang Ning was forced to show her true appearance to Han Li. After a quick reunion, she continued up the mountain along with Han Li and Mei Ning. Together with the help of Han Li's thunderstorm wing movement technique - they escaped the Umbra Realm in a calm Endless Seas near the Heavenly South Continent.

Traveling south, Wang Ning reached the State of Xi where took the opportunity to tease Han Li about hiding the fact that he originated from the Heavenly South Region. She further teased Han Li by suggesting that Han Li take Mei Ning as his concubine. Eventually Wang Ning separated from the group going into seclusion to fortify her Core Formation cultivation base.

Devilfall Valley[]

Sometime during Wang Ning's stay in the Heavenly South Region she befriended Mountain Lord Song. Wang Ning was eager to advance her cultivation towards the Nascent Soul stage by entering the Devilfall Valley to obtain the rare Spirit Kindle Fruit. She solicited Han Li's assistance by having Mountain Lord Song deliver an invitation. Upon reunion, Wang Ning was astonished that the now Early Nascent Soul Han Li had again progressed since she last saw him. Fortunately for Wang Ning, Han Li agreed to enter the Devilfall Valley after taking care of errands.

"Every time I see Brother Han, it seems his cultivation vastly increases each time. This unknown cultivation art of yours is truly astonishing. And now, Brother Han’s resounding fame has left us at a loss for words. Rumors have spread everywhere that Brother Han’s strength is greater than even a mid Nascent Soul stage cultivator." - Wang Ning to Han Li

Years later, Wang Ning would meet a Early-Nascent Soul Han Li at Birchleaf City in the Chang Province right before entering the Valley. During this reunion, Wang Ning provided updates on happenings within the Heavenly South for Han Li who had been absent travelling in the Far West regions of the Heavenly South. Their preparations were cut short after Han Li was forced to leave. Sensing Han Li's feelings for Wang Ning, Monarch Soul Divergence who had been linked to Han Li's second Nascent Soul saw an opportunity to tease Han Li by agitating his second Nascent Soul using the Seven Passions Art.

Later, Wang Ning entered the Devilfall Valley using special methods. She reunited with Han Li inside the Valley at a pre-arranged meeting location. Wang Ning was upset having to wait several days for Han Li because groups of cultivators were scouring the forest making her nervous that she would be discovered. Despite her worries, she put an invisible tracker on a Ghost Spirit Sect disciple that had information on the whereabouts of the Spirit Kindle Fruit. After catching up, she and Han Li managed to get ahead of the Ghost Spirit Sect group searching for the fruit using Han Li's Wind Rider Chariot and Brightsight Eyes to avoid invisible spatial tears that were slowing down the Ghost Spirit Sect. With this advantage, Wang Ning was able to acquire the Spirit Kindle Fruit robbing the Ghost Spirit Sect of the opportunity.

After achieving her objective, Wang Ning intended to continue following Han Li to safely exit the valley. However, these plans were cut short when an Elder Devil was accidentally released and began hunting cultivators within the valley to consume their souls. She nearly died to a surprise attack by the Elder Devil intending to kill Han Li. She was saved by Han Li who carried her with his Thunderstorm Wing movement abilities. Wang Ning fled the battle forced to find her own way out of the Devilfall Valley after Han Li made it clear that he would not be able to guarantee her safety against the Elder Devil that demonstrated Late-Nascent Soul abilities.

Captured by the Heavenly Devil Sect[]

Later, Wang Ning formed her Nascent Soul. She decided to travel to the Great Jin because the Heavenly South had scarce resources for Nascent Soul cultivators. Before leaving she met Han Li's dao companion - Nangong Wan.

In an unfortunate stroke of events, Wang Ning accidentally caught the attention of the grand elder of the Heavenly Devil Sect. This grand elder was charmed by her beauty and decided to forcefully make her his concubine. He placed restrictions on her body preventing her from escaping. He forcefully abducted her, bringing her back to the Heavenly Devil Sect to formally cement their union in a ceremony. She did not want to be bound as a concubine to this Deity Transformation-stage grand elder.

Luckily before the ceremony occurred, Wang Ning was surprised to discover that Han Li was present as a guest of the sect. She was shocked to learn of his growth that allowed him to be regarded as an equal to other Deity Transformation stage cultivators. Her brief shock allowed the grand elder to learn of her relationship with Han Li. Wang Ning nearly renounced her relationship with Han Li to avoid conflict and troubles for her longtime friend. However, out of friendship Han Li offered to save her from her predicament. She accepted his offer.

Unfortunately, this resulted in a conflict between Han Li and the grand elder. To her surprise, Han Li prevailed and freed her from her shackles. She was escorted by Han Li out of the sect. After leaving the sect, she traveled with him to a scenic mountain where they intimately lived together for several months sharing stories and experiences. However, both lost control of their impulses and indulged themselves in each-others bodies. Wang Ning took the opportunity to share her true feelings with Han Li. She was upset that he already had a Dao Companion, and was unwilling to be second in his heart. She also determined that she would not love another in her entire lifetime. As a result she steeled her heart now intent and focused on pursuing the endless Dao.

Entering the Devil Realm[]

Centuries later, Wang Ning struggled to progress to the Deity Transformation stage. As a result, she travelled throughout the Mortal world in search of spiritual medicines that would assist her in breaking through her bottleneck. During her travels she encountered a Devilish altar and accidentally triggered it bringing her into contact with a Devilish Matriarch named Liu Ji. Luckily and unluckily, Wang Ning was perfect material to serve as a future clone for the matriarch. As a result, she was imparted both Devilish Energy and cultivation arts by the Matriarch. The Matriarch also helped Wang Ning ascend to the Elder Devil Realm where Wang Ning was given the resources and guidance to progress.

At some point, Wang Ning became acquaintances with the young mistress named Lan Ying, of the Vast Origin House - a mysterious organization whose power and influence extends across realms. Lan Ying possess divination abilities and used these abilities to predict that Wang Ning would be able to obtain a solution for her predicament. Centuries later, Wang Ning reunited with Han Li who had coincidentally visited the Vast Origin House. She was initially shocked and later elated when she was able to confirm that it was indeed Han Li. Together they caught up with each other on their experiences since departing centuries ago. She was shocked to see that Han Li had progressed to the Late-Body Integration stage. She let Han Li know of her future plight, to which he promised to resolve her matter in the future.

Centuries later, Wang Ning was freed from her perilous fate when her master died. It turned out her master had previously usurped the position of Matriarch. However, her master died to the previous matriarch looking to reclaim the position. It turned out that Han Li also assisted in eliminating Wang Ning's master. Her master had a prior defense-pact with the other two Patriarchs of the Devilish Races. However, Han Li who now ascended to the Grand Ascension stage stalled the patriarchs resulting in her masters' death. After being freed she met with Han Li who had offered to bring her back to the Spirit Realm and help her cultivate. However, she recognized that her soulmate would eventually ascend further onto the Immortal Realm. She felt that she may not be able to catch up in time. Therefore, she steeled her resolve and decided to remain within the Elder Devil Realm and progress to higher realms through her now Devilish cultivation arts.


Realm Chapter
Foundation Establishment 403
Early Core Formation 570
Early Nascent Soul 1200
Late Spatial Tempering 2127


  • She is at the sixth stage of qi condensation when she appears in the donghua.[5]
  • Some fans speculate that she may be the reincarnation of Mo Caihuan.
  • Much later in the Novel, during Heaven's Book, Han Li discovered that Wang Ning might be reincarnation of one of Doctor Mo's three daughters.
  • During her introduction in the Donghua and by the Director and Producers, with the permission of the author himself, to canonized her identity as Mo Caihuan.


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