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Wang Tiansheng was a Nascent Soul stage Sect Master of the Ghost Spirit Sect.[1]

Devilfall Valley Incident[]

After rumors began to spread that the Ghost Spirit Sect had acquired a method to enter Devilfall Valley, all other sects pressed them for information. The Ghost Spirit Sect was forced to allow other cultivators join them in that voyage.[2] When the time came, members of the Ghost Spirit Sect arrived at the entrance to Devilfall Valley. Sect Master Wang Tiansheng, Wang Tiangu, Elder Zhong, Wang Chan and Yan Ruyan were present.[3] Then Wei Wuya joined them, suprising many other cultivators.[1] After explaining that their transportation formation was teleporting randomly, Elder Zhong, Wang Chan and Yan Ruyan were first to go and Divine Sage Zhong and other Moulans were next.[4]

While Elder Zhong's party were looking for Spirit Kindle Fruits for Nature Origin Pills, Wang Tiansheng, Wang Tiangu and Wei Wuya travelled with 4 Ghost Spirit Sect Core Formation disciples into the valley depths looking for the Spirit Ether Garden.[5] They were using Master Cang Kun's soul fragment as a guide.[6] After days of trek, they arrived at the altar.[7] punished with the Soulfright Curse. With help of Master Cang Kun's soul fragment they opened the passage.[8] Wei Wuya headed first lacking patience. At the destination, their discovered just barren land filled with devilish Qi. As Wang Tiansheng intended to interrogate Cang Kun's soul remnant, it escaped. They followed it to the demonic statue. After the soul remnant revealed this Spirit Ether Garden was just a pocket dimension bordering the Elder Devil Realm, Wei Wuya figured him out to be an Elder Devil Bloodflame.[9] The soul remnant tried to entice them offering vast devilish Qi to raise their cultivations to Deity Transformation stage in exchange for help to unseal its devil corpse in the statue, but Wei Wuya didn't fall for it. Then older cultivator destroyed the soul remnant using his soul devouring snake. As they were to leave, Bloodflame reformed and possessed the devil corpse with Decay Transformation.[10] Wang Tiansheng and Wang Tiangu perished in the spatial tear collapse, when the devil was unsealed.[11]

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