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The Insect race, the Beast race, and the other races were all small, insignificant races located at the edge of the Wasteland Realm. The rulers of the Wasteland were the four royal families located deep within the Wasteland Realm.

The forces of the four royal families were massive, and each of them took over a massive territory, dividing up all of the areas deep within the Wilderness that were truly rich in spiritual energy.

The Four Kings' Clans were filled with experts. There were quite a number of Grand Unity Jade Immortals among them, not to mention Golden Immortals. There was even a Zenith Heaven Patriarch in each of the four Clans, and the four of them were known as the Four Saints.

Eight Desolation Mountain[]

There was no way to calculate just how vast the Barbarian Realm was. The only reason why it was divided into extremely irregularly shaped areas was due to the various Immortal Domains. The Eight Desolation Mountain was considered one of the most special locations in the entire place.

The reason why it was considered special was that there were countless mountains and rivers in the Barbarian Realm. There was no lack of majestic mountains, and rivers that were difficult to find even in the Immortal Realm. However, more than half of those mountains and rivers originated from the Eight Desolate Mountains. As such, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the Eight Desolate Mountain Range was the head of the entire Wastelands.

It was for this reason that the Eight Desolates Mountain became the place where they swore their vows when the eight True Spirit Kings attempted to end the chaotic era of the Barbarian Realm, becoming the sacred mountain of the entire realm.[1] There were sixteen Great Desolate Races that were descendants of the eight True Spirit Kings and 100 Tribes.[2]

Eight True Spirit Kings[]

Sixteen Great Desolate Races[]

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