A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality Wiki

The 1st chapter of the web novel is titled "山边小村", which translates to "The Village by the Forest". It was published in Chinese on Qidian (2008), and was later translated into English by Wuxia World (2016).


A 10 year old Han Li (nicknamed Second Fool) wakes next to his second brother, and tries to fall back asleep in order to be well rested for the morrow. We learn how Uncle Zhang had been the one to grant the village children their nicknames, and a little about himself and his family. Deep in his heart he yearns to leave the village and explore the world beyond, that Uncle Zhang always talked about.

At noon, he has gathered firewood with his friends, and is carrying a pouch filled to the brim with red berries for his younger sister, whom he doted on the most. Upon returning, he is overjoyed to see his Third Uncle, whom he briefly greets, before allowing the adults to continue their chat. Turns out Third Uncle has become an outer disciple of the Seven Mysteries Sect, and thus he may invite a child to participate in the Inner Disciple Examinations. Father Han is initially hesitant upon hearing phrases like Jiang Hu and Sect, but approves upon hearing that his son could potentially receive a monthly allowance and even become as successful as his Third Uncle.

Elated, Third Uncle leaves behind two silver coins and instructs that the family improve Han Li's constitution for the test. A month later, Third Uncle returns to escort Han Li to the testing site. In his homesickness as his parents disappear from sight, he's determined to strike it rich and never be separated from his parents again. "Han Li would never have thought that from this moment on, money would lose any meaning to him. He was unexpectedly going to walk a path different from ordinary mortals. Instead, he was going to walk down his own path towards immortality!"