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The 2nd chapter of the web novel is titled "青牛镇", which translates to "Green Ox Village". It was published in Chinese on Qidian (2008), and was later translated into English by Wuxia World (2016).


Three days later, the duo (Third Uncle and Han Li) arrives in Green Ox Town. They walk through the restaurant, where the regulars greet "Fatty Han", before Han Li is brought to the back, and motioned to a side room in the remote courtyard. Uncle tells Xiao Li to rest, and that he will call on him once it's time for the test. Then he returns to the restaurant to attend to a few regulars. Han Li collapses onto his pillow and falls asleep. When night falls, a servants comes by with some food, though not lavish but still delicious. Uncle spends time with his nephew, who gradually grows less shy, starting to laugh and talk freely.

After dinner on the third day in town, a black lacquered carriage pulled by a golden steed stops in front of the restaurant door. A skinny 40yo called Protector Wang jumps down with nimble movements, and walks pompously into Han Li's room. Fatty Han greets him respectfully, and the man explains that he went since there was a need to strengthen the defenses since the roads here haven't been peaceful lately. Uncle secretly pass a heavy-looking pouch to the impatient man, who relaxed after assessing the bag.

“Fatty Han, you truly know how to conduct yourself! On the way back, I will make sure that all of your nephew’s needs are well cared for. Anyways, it is getting pretty late now. We had best hurry on our way.”